Winnipeg Jets 2016-17 Roster Predictions: Goaltending

The Winnipeg Jets and their crowded crease –

With their 2015-16 season soon coming to an end the Winnipeg Jets brass certainly have more questions than they do answers about what this team will look like when the camp opens next September.  Arguably, the team is not as bad as its record will suggest making the post-mortem on the worst season since the teams return hotly contested amongst the pundits and fans alike.  Over the next few weeks, we will attempt to look into the crystal ball and try to piece together the opening day lineup, a roster that likely will and should get younger. [Read more…]

The Legends of the Fall: Winnipeg Jets Are Back

Thoughts on the Winnipeg Jets –  

Hockey fans have arisen from the dog days of summer with great anticipation that the Winnipeg Jets will be dropping the puck on a new season.  The pundits, bloggers and media alike have begun the transition of critiquing moves made or not made since the end of another non-playoff season to which players will make on the Winnipeg Jets “Opening Day Roster” in three weeks.  The lack of new news and the rehashing of the old news since July had me and others making numerous trips to the walk-in clinic for a bad case of nausea. [Read more…]

Winnipeg Jets To Trade Or Not To Trade? That Is The Question

Questions About the Winnipeg Jets, Philadelphia Flyers and the Florida Panthers — 

For many NHL General Manager’s the better part of the last two months has been spent working with staff evaluating their current rosters, identifying gaps in their organizational depth and ultimately determining what players would be best served by a new area code. 

[Read more…]

Pavelec, Maurice and the Winnipeg Jets

Podcast 001: Pav, Pomo & the Winnipeg Jets —

Welcome Winnipeg Hockey Talk viewers to our inaugural podcast.  We’ve be thinking about doing a podcast for some time but could never find the right time to start.  Well now is as good a time as any. It will be very raw and informal, just two or three guys talking about the home team and the National Hockey League.  No bells and whistles ….. YET !!! [Read more…]

Winnipeg Jets Week in Review – Week 25

Winnipeg Jets Week In Review For Mar. 31 – Apr 6, 2014 —

The Winnipeg Jets went into the second last week of the season with fading playoff hopes.  The math still said there was a chance but the win one lose one results simply may be too much to overcome. [Read more…]

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