Who’s The NHL’s Top Fantasy Player?

Breaking Down Top Fantasy Player Options

It seems that most years there is a different name at the top of the NHL scoring leaders.  The leaders for the past 5 seasons have been: Martin St. Louis, Evgeny Malkin, Daniel Sedin, Henrik Sedin and Alex Ovechkin respectively.  Who is the top fantasy player to pick this year?  There are different factors that make this decision difficult.  Which player is going to spend time on injured reserve?  Who’s on the incline and who’s on the decline?  Age and possible new linemates good be a factor.  Breaking down the numbers of some of the elite for the past few seasons can help make your decision.

Breaking Down the Numbers:  The Top Fantasy Player

Points per game for 5 players over the past 3 years:
Crosby: 99 games -1.60 pts per game
Stamkos: 212 games – 1.15 pts per game
St. Louis 207 games – 1.12 pts per game
Ovechkin 205 games – 1.0 pts per game
Malkin 149 games – 1.20 pts per game

I left the Sedin sisters off the list because their numbers have decreased over the past couple of years and with Torterella behind the bench I don’t expect their numbers to climb.

top fantasy player Steven Stamkos

Steven Stamkos

Crosby has the best points per game stat then any other player and it’s not even close.  The concern with Crosby is that he has missed a lot of games over the past 3 years due to injury and he could be 1 hit away from missing much more time.  Does he still have a lot of value?…. Yes!  I will create some scenarios for owning Crosby this year based on him keeping the 1.60 pts per game trend.  Let’s just say that Crosby plays all 82 games.  He would finish with approximately 132 pts for the season.  If we are going to follow trends, we must think that Crosby will get injured and will miss some time.  Let’s say he plays 60 games.  His point total would be 96 points.  That point total might be enough to put him at the top of the leader board.  This still makes him valuable in a 1 year draft or a keeper league.  If you are in a league with bench players, then consider this.  Crosby gets 96 points for 60 games and the player coming off the bench to replace him when injured gets 13 points ( 50 pt player over 22 games ).  That player position would now have a total of 109 pts.  Now consider if Crosby plays 40 games.  His point total would be 64 points.  In a 1 year draft, Crosby wouldn’t be worth a top pick.  In a keeper league with bench players the position would be worth 90pts ( Crosby = 64pts, 50 pt player over 42 games = 26 pts ).

Martin St. Louis is getting older but still producing.  In the last 3 years he’s had 1.25,0.96 and 1.20 pts per game respectively.  He is still playing with Stamkos.  The question is will his age catch up?

Stamkos is a young player on the rise.  He might very well be the best at putting the puck in the net.  His success in point totals could be dependent on someone feeding him the puck and for now he has that in Martin St. Louis.

Ovechkin has been a little hit and miss lately.  He hasn’t put up the numbers in the past 3 years like he did when he first came into the league.  In fact 2 years ago he was less than a point a game at 0.83pts per game.

Malkin has had a bit of the injury bug lately as well.  His pts per game over the past three years are 1.06,1.45 and 0.86.  There isn’t much consistency to rely on.  He is going to get your team some points if he can stay healthy.

Marty St. Louis is a top fantasy player

Marty St. Louis

Who is the best or top fantasy player?  If I’m playing in a 1 year snake draft league I would lean towards Stamkos or St. Louis.  Both players have proven to stay healthy and be amongst the leaders.  Crosby would be a high risk high reward player.  He’s your guy if your up for the risk.  If I’m playing in a keeper league with bench players, Crosby is the player to get.  He won’t come cheap in a salary cap league though.  His salary could make or brake your team. Have fun making your decision!

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