Why Aren’t The Jets Interested In Mason Raymond?


Or Are They Interested in Mason Raymond?

about Mason Raymond ….

Position: LW      Shoots: Left 
DOB: lgary, AB 
Height: 6′     Weight: 185 
Selected by: Vancouver Canucks   Round: 2   Overall: 51   Year: 2005 NHL Entry Draft 
Mason Raymond is still on the UFA board.  Mason Raymond played this past season for the Vancouver Canucks.
I’m not lobbying for the Winnipeg Jets to take a run at signing Mason Raymond but I am wondering out loud if they have considered, inquired or even had/have any appetite for the former Manitoba Moose player. 
Let’s eliminate the “Cap Space” issue for now because I think it’s a non-issue for this or any team if they really want to squeeze a player into their payroll structure.  There was some rumblings out of Calgary in prior weeks about the Flames being interested in Raymonds services but nothing yet?  So he’s out there still flapping in the wind.  Wouldn’t you think he could be signed relatively cheap based on the fact that training camps are just a couple of weeks away?  
With TNSE’s penchant for their AHL past I’m shocked he wasn’t scooped up months ago!!!  If he was on the Jets he would certainly be in our top 12 forwards.  He can skate, he’s got a decent scoring touch and he knows about playing in the Western Conference.  Mmmm?
Almost 2 months ago I wrote the following brief synopsis on Mason Raymond as I was doing a little review on available UFA’s.  As I glanced at it again today, nothing has changed for me. 
      Dated July 6, 2013 
What do you think Winnipeg Jets fans?  There’s actually a couple pretty decent UFA’s still on the board.  Are you surprised the Jets haven’t been more active or are you happy with the roster as it is going into training camp? AND like I said earlier forget about the Cap Space argument for arguments sake.

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  1. Well, seeing as we actually discussed this last week, you know what I think, but I’m posting for everyone else to see.
    I would like to think they’d at the very least asked about him, for all the reasons you mention here. You also mention the familiarity with the western conference which is an excellent point. I can’t see how he wouldn’t be an upgrade for us. He was good enough to stay in the lineup on a damn good team, says a lot right there.
    I’ve also got a huge soft spot for former Moose players. The fact that he is very pretty doesn’t even enter in to my consideration, but he is pretty enough that I had to mention it 🙂 I’m a girl, no apologies.

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