Is This The Winnipeg Jets Best Trade Ever?

Scott’s Thoughts on Winnipeg Jets biggest trade –

Oh my, Chevy stepped up.

As always, I’m late to the party but “Boss Mitch” already knows I’m always behind in my commitment to number of blogs I’d write here so I’m due.  😈 [Read more…]

Winnipeg Jets Be Buffing On Up!

Winnipeg Jets Report Card: Surprises and Non-Surprises –

Thanks to boss Mitch, I’m reminded another quarter of the NHL season has expired.

These are my Winnipeg Jets grades for the second quarter of the season for the forwards, defencemen, goaltenders, power play and penalty killing. [Read more…]

Scott’s Thoughts: Winnipeg Jets Report Card

Winnipeg Jets grades for the forwards, defencemen and goaltenders –

Following “Boss Mitch’s” excellent quarterly report, I’m patching and copying his report cause I don’t have any idea of proper structure so I’m following the boss.  I assume that Chris Thorburn takes the same approach with his following of the boss as he NEVER has to “take in a few games from the press-box”. [Read more…]

Winnipeg Jets and “All I Want For Christmas”

Scott’s Thoughts on Winnipeg Jets Season #4 –

Hey, how are you Winnipeg Jets fans?  Here’s hoping you are well and here we go on “Season Four”. 

This has nothing to do with Christmas itself despite the title.  It’s a timeline.

But for my beloved Jets, I have some wishes and ask the hockey gods and the universe to provide this. [Read more…]

Noah Gives Winnipeg Jets Four Seats On His Ark

Who would be your four Winnipeg Jets? –

It’s weird how one comes up with ideas for blogs and tweets or maybe it’s just me that’s weird?

As I looked at pictures of some flooding in Winnipeg, my mind flipped to another ark and a day long ago when the Winnipeg Jets of the World Hockey Association were being “allowed” entry into the hallowed halls of the NHL. [Read more…]

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