Jets Chevy Time Equals Time To Change

Jets Chevy Time Equals Time To Change —

It started with a tweet to this site’s owner, the Boss of all Bosses, Boss Mitch.  He’s a boss.  [Read more…]

Evander Kane – This Is A Bit Much

Evander Kane —

I’m not going to trade you.  You are far too valuable bud unless they give us the world. 

I’m not going to take back all the times I’ve chosen to defend you when I thought you were just having fun with Winnipeg media and the world of sport, be it from Las Vegas, Vancouver or whatever.  [Read more…]

Reinhart’s Grandparents and Me, Winnipeg Jets Boredom?

Scott’s Thoughts on the Winnipeg Jets and Draft Day —

No matter what happens in the NHL draft this year, I doubt I will be surprised. I’m even bored with what goes on in our end of the Winnipeg Jets hockeyverse. So it’s no slap at the draftees. [Read more…]

My Favourite 2013-2014 Winnipeg Jets

My Favourite 2013-2014 Winnipeg Jets, For Different Reasons —

Well the Winnipeg Jets season is over and there are many months to bask in the inglorious times of being a Jets fan.  No playoffs again and a REALLY extended “summer” when compared to last year’s lockout season. [Read more…]

Winnipeg Jets Fans – Relax It’s About Patience

Winnipeg Jets And The Trade Deadline —

With so much happening this week, I’m postponing a blog where I’ll be depending on some interaction with my Twitter buddies for content. [Read more…]

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