The Winnipeg Jets: To Believe? Or Not To Believe?

Is it finally time for fans to believe in their beloved Winnipeg Jets? –

Winnipeg Jets fans would likely respond “of course!”  I ask not to question a fan’s belief in their team but from a realistic winning stand point is this team for real. Are they finally turning it around and playing the right way?
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Guest Posting Area

Winnipeg Hockey Talk “Guest Posting” Area —

Give it a try.  Post as often as you’d like.  [Read more…]

Jacob Trouba Omission An Indictment Of NHL And PHWA Voting System

Did the PHWA Even Watch Jacob Trouba? —

One thing I have learned over my rapidly advancing years on this planet is not to send angry emails. I guess we’ll find out if the same rule should apply to angry blog posts.  I was angry on the evening of the NHL Player Awards at how Winnipeg  Jets hockey fans’ favorite young blue liner was snubbed. Despite a fantastic season, Jacob Trouba was not included on the NHL All-Rookie Team. [Read more…]

The Advancement of Advanced Stats

The Problem is the Presentation of These Innovative Metrics —

I have something I need to admit.  I grew up a stats geek. [Read more…]

Winnipeg Jets Week in Review – Week 24

Winnipeg Jets Week in Review for Mar.  24 – 30 —

They may not be officially eliminated from the playoffs but losing two of three to start out this five-game road trip has put the nail in the playoff coffin.  With the end of the season rapidly approaching, the Jets are facing two big questions. [Read more…]

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