The Difference Between No-Trade And No-Movement Clauses And The NHL Players That Have Them

The definition of no-trade and no-movement clauses – 

February 29, 2016, is the NHL trade deadline and in the upcoming weeks, you are bound to hear plenty of trade banter around the NHL and more importantly, if you’re a Jets fan lots of trade rumours surrounding Andrew Ladd and Dustin Byfuglien (if they haven’t signed contract extensions before the deadline). [Read more…]

Walking that Fine Fourth Line

The Winnipeg Jets have some issues Walking that Fine Fourth Line –

Seeing more than 3-5 minutes in any given game has been a rare occurrence. Most top end teams find a way to utilize their fourth lines upwards of 8-10 minutes per game.  This brings the question why isn’t Paul Maurice and the Winnipeg Jets getting more from the bottom three?

[Read more…]

Random Thoughts On The Winnipeg Jets: Nov. 10

Things about the Winnipeg Jets and the NHL that crossed my mind over the weekend —

These were a few of the things that rattled through my head this past week about the NHL and our Winnipeg Jets.
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Winnipeg Jets Week 21

Winnipeg Jets Week In Review For Mar. 3 — Mar. 9, 2014 — 

The Winnipeg Jets 21st week of the season saw the team continue with 3 home games.  The schedule coming out of the Olympic break was extremely favorable for the Jets with 9 of the first 12 games being played on home ice.  Despite the support of the home town crowd, the teams record in “the Hangar” could be described as “okay” and widely viewed as a critical factor in the Jets pursuit of a playoff spot.  [Read more…]

Winnipeg Jets 1st Half Grades: Def & Goal

Winnipeg Jets Mid-Term Report Card: Defence and Goal — 

The Winnipeg Jets record at the time of this evaluation was 18 – 18 – 5.

The Winnipeg  Jets defencemen have all had stretches where they have struggled and stretches where they have played well.  This has been the trademark of this team since it’s arrival in Winnipeg. There are very good individual pieces in this group but collectively Winnipeg hockey fans haven’t seen the best this group has to offer as a WHOLE unit.   [Read more…]

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