Fantasy Tips For The 2013 Draftees

Fantasy Tips For The 2013 NHL Entry Top Draftees  

Hello Poolies !!!  My objective today is to share some fantasy tips and insight into managing your fantasy hockey pools.  This could end up biting me in the butt as some of you might be in a hockey pool with me but what is life without a little irony.

I want to share a little bit about my background with hockey pools.  I have experience in single season snake drafts, salary cap – point based keeper leagues and rotisserie keeper leagues.

The Portland Winterhawks take on the Halifax Mooseheads in the championship Game of the 2013 Mastercard Memorial Cup in Saskatoon, SK on Monday  May 20th, 2013. CHL/WHL/Steve Hiscock

2013 NHL Entry Draft

The NHL entry draft is now over with some surprising results.  Nathan MacKinnon was drafted by Colorado and  there is already talk of him playing on a line with Landeskog.  I suspect MacKinnon will put up some points this year.  His +/- might be in question but if he plays with Landeskog, it might not be a huge concern.  Landeskog is defensively responsible for a young player.

Florida’s #1 pick, Aleksander Barkov, is claimed to be the most NHL ready player from the draft.  There is potential for him to put up points with Florida but my concern is that I don’t believe Florida will be a strong team.  I would pay attention to Florida’s roster coming out of training camp to see who he might be on a line with. 

Jonathan Drouin was a predictable pick in Tampa.  This could be an exciting pick for Tampa.  The Lightening know how to put the puck in the net and they are not afraid to play young players in their top 6. 

I think it’s unbelievable that Seth Jones slipped down to #4 and Nashville was really fortunate to have him fall in their lap.  I am concerned that he won’t put up a lot of points due to Nashville’s lack of scoring up front, but then again maybe Jones will help bolster that.  Be careful not to overvalue him at your auctions in the fall.

High profile rookies don’t slip under the radar and because of this, most are over-valued.  There is something sexy about having a #1 pick on your roster.   If we look at the last nine #1 draft picks, only Crosby, Ovechkin and Patrick Kane have been around a point a game in their first season.  

Stamkos did that in his second season. Tavares and Hall took 3 seasons. Nugent-Hopkins and Yakupov haven’t been close yet and Eric Johnson has pretty much been a bust. 

If you are involved in a keeper league with multi-year contracts, you probably won’t get any value out of these players until 2nd or 3rd season.  These players probably play on poor teams, so don’t expect their +/- to be good for the first couple of years if your league uses that stat.

It’s important to pay attention to players who were drafted in the first round of the previous years entry draft as they may be ready to make their mark in the NHL.  These might be players that have had continued success in junior hockey or the AHL.  Players that have fallen into this category in previous years are Giroux, Kadri and Huberdeau.  These players can usually be obtained at a cheaper cost even though you might not be able to use them right away but they are great tools for rebuilding your fantasy team.

 It’s also important to note which team the rookie plays for.  A rookie on Tampa or Philadelphia is more like to put up points than one from Nashville or Calgary.

On a final note, I don’t recommend picking rookies in single season snake drafts until the late rounds unless that player is the next Crosby or Ovechkin.


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