WHT Welcomes Fantasy Hockey Writer Jerry White


Fantasy Hockey

 …. Winnipeg Hockey Talk is very pleased to announce Jerry White as our lead writer on “Fantasy Hockey”.

I have known Jerry White for 6 or 7  years.  We actually met through mutual friends that invited us to be in a Fantasy Keeper League.  I have been involved in a few pools with Jerry as a rival GM and as a partner.  He is very thorough in his analyses and his  pre-draft preparation is second to none.

During the course of the year, Jerry will try and provide useful information on different styles and formats of Fantasy Hockey Pools and Leagues.


WHT Fantasy Hockey

1. Salary Cap keeper leagues that are point based scoring.

2. Salary Cap keeper league rotisserie style scoring. 

3. Yearly pool auction style with points.

4. Yearly pool snake draft with points.

WHT would like to provide a place for Fantasy Poolies to be able to look for tips or ask for advice.  If you have any ideas,questions or requests for Fantasy info, please let us know and we’ll try to help.

Jerry also is an excellent Fantasy Commissioner and can offer some advice to make your league run smoother.  He is the Commish of  a couple of leagues and can offer advice, answer questions about formatting and choosing styles that fit the needs for your pool or league.  Jerry can also recommend web-sites to host your leagues that make it easy for you and your fellow GM’s to access. 

Jerry is going to be an awesome addition to WHT and I would advise you to pay attention to his insights and pick his brain.  If you guys can keep Jerry occupied, it will help me win a few bucks in the pools that Jerry and I are in together.

Welcome aboard Jerry.               

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