Winnipeg Jets: 2016-17 Segment 5 Update

The Winnipeg Jets 5th ten game segment –

How many points will it take for the Winnipeg Jets to secure a playoff berth?  

A minimum of eleven points each segment gets you to eighty-eight points plus there are games eighty-one and eighty-two to get a couple extra points.  This should put you in the eighty-eight to ninety-two point range and close to or in the playoffs.  

  • In 2013-14 the Dallas Starts needed 91 points to secure the last wildcard position.
  • In 2014-15 the Calgary Flames needed 97 points to secure the last wildcard position.
  • In 2015-16 the Minnesota Wild need 87 points to secure the last wildcard position.

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Winnipeg Jets Segment 5:

The Winnipeg Jets went 4-5-1 in their fifth segment and sit with a 22-24-4 record after 50 games.  Once again the Jets were unable to win more than four or five games in their first five 10- game segments.  

Segment four saw the Winnipeg Jets super rookie Patrik Laine get rocked by a hit placing him on the IR with a concussion.  This segment also saw the return of the much maligned Ondrej Pavelec to the goal crease.  I guess desperate times call for desperate measures.       

The good news:

  • The PP is sitting in the middle of the pack which is a great improvement.
  • It looks like Mathieu Perreault has found his game again.
  • Patrik Laine should be returning to the line-up in the first or second game of segment six.

The bad news:

  • The PK is still hovering around at the bottom of the league.
  • Tyler Myers still hasn’t returned to the line-up yet.
  • Once again this team could not get that elusive third win in a row.  They’re 0-7-2 this season and 1-17-2 over the last two seasons when going for a three-game winning streak.
  • It looks like Mathieu Perrault might be injured again after taking a slash on the arm from Corey Perry.

Playoffs? Playoffs?

  • Same as in segment four, the Jets are having a hard time getting above the NHL’s bogus .500 mark.  
  • According to Sports Club Stats, after last night’s loss to Anaheim, the Jets playoff chances dropped from 18.6% to 14.8%.  

        As of January 24, 2017




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