The Winnipeg Jets Hiring Barry Trotz Isn’t That Simple

Hiring Barry Trotz will take a major commitment from TNSE –

If the Jets are serious about hiring Barry Trotz and I’m sure they are it is not as simple as you would think and a lot of concessions from the owner and upper management will be needed.  Barry Trotz has indicated he wants to transition into management.  What does this mean for Mark Chipman and Kevin Cheveldayoff and how will it affect them? [Read more…]

A Look at Hockey, its Merchandises, and its Fans from a Different Perspective

Nick Dimengo of Bleacher Report wrote an article a couple of years back about the best selling jerseys in all of major US sports.

[Read more…]

The Difference Between No-Trade And No-Movement Clauses And The NHL Players That Have Them

The definition of no-trade and no-movement clauses – 

February 29, 2016, is the NHL trade deadline and in the upcoming weeks, you are bound to hear plenty of trade banter around the NHL and more importantly, if you’re a Jets fan lots of trade rumours surrounding Andrew Ladd and Dustin Byfuglien (if they haven’t signed contract extensions before the deadline). [Read more…]

New Rules For The 2013-14 NHL Season

New Rules For 201-14 — 

Here are breakdowns of the other new rules and  changes and language modifications to the rulebook for the 2013-14 season.  (hybrid-icing was the first) [Read more…]

NHL And NHLPA Approve Hybrid-Icing

NHL And NHLPA Approve Hybrid Icing For 2013-14 Season — 

The National Hockey League announced Monday that it will use hybrid-icing rules during the 2013-14 season after the NHLPA members voted in to accept the proposed rule change that was used during the NHL pre-season games. [Read more…]

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