NHL And NHLPA Approve Hybrid-Icing

NHL And NHLPA Approve Hybrid Icing For 2013-14 Season — 

The National Hockey League announced Monday that it will use hybrid-icing rules during the 2013-14 season after the NHLPA members voted in to accept the proposed rule change that was used during the NHL pre-season games.

This was the most significant rule change in the League for 2013-14. The NHL has been using the old icing system since 1937.

Reducing injury is the object of the hybrid-icing.  The new system should reduce the risk for the potentially damaging collisions into the end walls as two players race for the puck trying to get  or negate the icing call.

Bill Daly Talks About Hybrid Icing


Bill Daly said the GM’s believe it’s a safety issue and it will make the game safer for the players. 

The hybrid-icing system allows the linesman to blow the play dead and call an automatic icing if he determines that the puck will cross the goal line and the defending player is not behind in the race to the end-zone faceoff dots in his defensive zone but if the attacking player is in front the play shall continue.

In instances where the puck is shot around the end boards, travels down the ice and comes out the other end, the linesman has to determine who would have touched the puck first. If it’s the defending player, he calls an automatic icing but if it’s the attacking player he lets the play continue.


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