The Winnipeg Jets Hiring Barry Trotz Isn’t That Simple

Hiring Barry Trotz will take a major commitment from TNSE –

If the Jets are serious about hiring Barry Trotz and I’m sure they are it is not as simple as you would think and a lot of concessions from the owner and upper management will be needed.  Barry Trotz has indicated he wants to transition into management.  What does this mean for Mark Chipman and Kevin Cheveldayoff and how will it affect them?

When the time comes I’m pretty sure Kevin Cheveldayoff isn’t going to step aside and say here’s my job so I’m guessing it will shake down something like this.

  • Barry Trotz is hired as the new head coach and he will probably want to hire his own assistants and maybe even hire/groom one of these assistants as his replacement.
  • Trotz will have roster input and player acquisition input for the NHL roster.  This is not unusual as many NHL coaches already do this and I’m sure he has done this as well.  Maybe he comes in right off the bat as the Head Coach/Assistant GM but I would think this would be a longshot.
  • Depending on how long he stays behind the bench will probably determine if he gets into management as an assistant GM or straight to the GM job.
  • Chevy isn’t going to hand over the reins without a promise or guarantee of a new job and job title.  President of Hockey Operations would make sense.

  • Generally speaking, the POHO is the boss and oversees the GM and coaches.  He is in charge of all major hockey decisions and will consult with ownership on the really big things like money etc.
  • This would mean less involvement and more trust coming from Mark Chipman.  Whether he would admit it or not it is pretty well known that Mark Chipman is heavily involved in the decision-making of his team and rightly so, it is his team.   

Can or will Mark Chipman be able to let go and do this?  It is a very big ask up and down the ranks BUT this is probably what it will take to get Barry Trotz to sign on the dotted line.

This is all speculation on my part and I have no clue what this timeline would look like but this is probably what it would take to get Barry Trotz to come to Winnipeg.

The main players involved here might not be able to concede to these options and when push comes to shove the brain trust at TNSE might just say, piss on it, let’s go with “Plan B.”

Let this marinate for a few minutes, not only are the Winnipeg Jets competing with 6 or 7 other NHL teams but they are competing with themselves.



  1. Is that what Barry wants? To move into a managerial position? You make good points, but with his mom passing, he might want to be closer to home. I know he would fly in to see his mother in law.
    It seems that he has strong family roots and that might be a tipping point for him. As for transitioning to the front office, and he has success here, he’ll be able to write his own ticket for himself.
    I can’t see him going to a developing team, so the front runners make up a small group. If he comes here, he will fix our biggest problem, defense.

    • Mitch Kasprick says

      Hey Donnie … thanks for visiting and thats for reading ……… YES, Barry Trotz has expressed an interest to transition into management.

    • If proximity to family is all we have for leverage forget about it. Chipman should be happy to meet those demands. The Jets are becoming a joke from top to bottom.

  2. Kent Robinson says

    Hey Mitch

    It doesn’t sound like a bad option to bring Trotz into the fold as a partial decision maker. He does have a great track record and it would give ownership some future options to cut ties with Cheveldayoff.

    • Mitch Kasprick says

      Is this Kent formaly from MTS?

      • Kent Robinson says

        Yes sir.

        • Mitch Kasprick says

          nice … thanks for stopping by WHT and thanks for reading Kent … I don’t have a good feeling about this Trotz situation …. man, I hope I’m wrong … after this brutal season this fan base needs something good to happen to erase the stench from this past season.

    • Mitch Kasprick says

      Thanks for reading and thanks for visiting WHT … there is no doubt about Trotz’s resume but Mark Chipman is super loyal to Chevy … a Trotz hiring really shakes up TNSE’s structure which probably isn’t a bad thing.

  3. Wayne Knutson says

    Hi Mitch.
    I agree with you that a move like that would change the Jets structure. For example: what would happen to Zinger? What about others who are currently in the pipeline, hoping for a promotion, only to have someone (albeit a very important someone) jump the queue? IMO, culture starts at the top, and trickles down. I am not saying don’t do this. I am saying do it right.

    • Mitch Kasprick says

      Hey Wayne … Thanks for visiting … I think this is like every other rumour we’ve been involved in …. Ekholm, Pietrangelo, now Trotz .. this fanbase gets its hopes up just to be let down … all the Jets can offer is proximity to family … I don’t see Chipper or Chevy giving up their positions … I hope I’m wrong but this looks like another case of Lucy pulling away the football.

      • Wayne Knutson says

        This stupidity was started by one person who doesn’t know stuff from shinola. And has a reputation for doing this. STFU!

    • Chevy has been given up to 3 years to right the ship, a Barry Trotz hire is a very smart move on the jets part and apparently they have hired a professional commity to help with is and Barry Trotz is there guy they really want. His reputation speakes for itself, you need to give Barry Trotz decision making on er personal because he has worked with alot of players and has a good networking with other teams and players.

      • Mitch Kasprick says

        Hiring Trotz is a no-brainer from our point of view BUT will Chevy and Chipper loosen their reins … I’m not so sure.

    • Dave Smith says

      This is the million dollar question. He’s Chipman’s buddy and despite what he’d say he is also Chipman’s hire.

      I also remember when no reporter in Winnipeg would even consider mentioning how involved Chipman is in hockey ops. Now it’s not even an open secret.

      Don’t expect it to change any time soon. Jeff Hamilton reported they have a ‘committee’ for the hiring process. Kinda tells us everything we need to know.


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  2. […] 15. Jets:  As of today there is still no word on Barry Trotz so for those of you that may have missed it I wrote this article last week about why hiring Trotz might not be as easy as you would think.  Click HERE. […]

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