The Top Five Skills Needed To Become A Good Hockey Player

The Top Five Skills Needed to Become a Good Hockey Player

Becoming a top-level hockey player doesn’t happen overnight. Much like any sport, consistent practice is required to improve. To succeed, mastering fundamental skills can take your game to the next level. So, let’s take a look at the top five skills needed to become a good hockey player. [Read more…]

Celebrating The Winnipeg Jets’ Biggest Wins Of The Season

The Jets’ Biggest Wins of the Season

Sport is usually in a constant state of motion, where a team’s focus switches at the end of one match towards the preparation for next.  This means that any break between NHL matches is the perfect time to take stock and celebrate recent achievements.  It’s never dull following the Winnipeg Jets, with the side defying some pre-season predictions that suggested this campaign would be a struggle. [Read more…]

Keystone Junior Hockey League

Another season is underway in the Keystone Junior Hockey League – its 42nd edition in Manitoba.  Last weekend all four teams converged in Cross Lake for a three-day KJHL Showcase.

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A Look at Hockey, its Merchandises, and its Fans from a Different Perspective

Nick Dimengo of Bleacher Report wrote an article a couple of years back about the best selling jerseys in all of major US sports.

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Winnipeg Jets Off-season Expectations

Part 3: Defence Wins Championships –

As a follow-up from my previous posts on how the Jets might deal with their lineup this off-season, I will continue to do a positional post starting from the net out so today Winnipeg Jets defence corp. [Read more…]

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