A Look at Hockey, its Merchandises, and its Fans from a Different Perspective

Nick Dimengo of Bleacher Report wrote an article a couple of years back about the best selling jerseys in all of major US sports.

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So … What’s happening with Michael Frolik?

The Winnipeg Jets need to address UFA Michael Frolik-

Flashback … Winnipeg, MB … Summer of 2014 … Jets Nation is up in arms, full of angst and pessimism because Winnipeg Jets General Manager was unable to come to a long-term contract agreement with Michael Frolik’s agent Allan Walsh. Most Jets fans figured it was going to be a tough negotiation with Allan Walsh, especially after the way he had his way in the Ondrej Pavelec negotiations a couple of years earlier. ¬†Based on the one year deal it looks like the fans were right. ¬† [Read more…]

Top Tweets for the Week: August 29

Winnipeg Hockey Talk’s Favorite Twitter Comments —

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