Random Thoughts On The Winnipeg Jets: Jan. 19

Things about the Winnipeg Jets and the NHL that crossed my mind over the weekend —

Some things that crossed my mind this past week about the Winnipeg Jets and the National Hockey League.

1. The Winnipeg Jets went 4-0-0 this week … Eight points … A perfect week! … Thoughts?   

2.  The last time the Jets beat Chicago, I stated here that “I still can’t wipe the smile off my face” and after doing it again on Friday night in another back to back situation, I’ll say it again!  I CAN’T WIPE THE SMILE OFF MY FACE” and especially now that I know Mathieu Perreault is okay after taking a viscous cross-check from Chicago’s resident meathead, Daniel Carcillo.  

3.  This is why hockey people are the greatest !!!!

4.  A huge CONGRATS to Mathieu Perreault who scored 4 goals on Tuesday night versus the Florida Panthers!  

5.  Would it be fair to say the Winnipeg Jets have found their “identity” and are no longer intimidated by the “big boys” in the Western Conference?  Check out my latest article here at ☛  ☛ WinnipegHockeyTalk.com 

6.  Does anybody else think Michael Hutchinson is in the Blackhawks heads?  (see #4)  

7.  Ondrej Pavelec put on a performance for the ages on Thursday night in Dallas!  Even his most ardent detractors had to applaud his effort.

8.  The Winnipeg Jets swept all 3 games in the United Center this year … who saw that coming?  Certainly not the Blackhawks or their fans! 

Perreault 4

9.  All I’m going to say is Mathieu Perreault scored 4 GOALS!

You fill in the rest __________.

10.  Do you ever wonder why NHL goaltenders don’t wear the #1 anymore?  I kind of miss the #1.

11.  I’m old school so I had no problem when early in the 1st period Anthony Peluso went after Bryan Bickell.  Bickell was running around hitting everything in sight and although the hits were clean for the most-part, Peluso was going to let him know it wasn’t okay.   

12.  After the Chicago game on Friday night, the Jets had played 5 games in 7 nights going 4-0-1 and snagging 9 out of 10 points.  That is/was awfully impressive.

13.  Daniel Carcillo has been offered an in person hearing by the NHL.  How many games do you think he should get for his vicious cross-check on Mathieu Perreault?  

14.  If I told you the Winnipeg Jets would have lost only 5 games in regulation out of 24 on the road, going a very impressive 14-5-5, you would have said:

A.  I was delusional

B.  I am a fan-boy

C.  I had too many Caesars

D.  The Arizona sun had gone to my head

E.  I was drinking the TNSE kool-aid.

F.  All of the above 

15.  IMO, the whole officiating crew blew the Carcillo situation by not giving him a 5 minute major penalty for “attempt to injure”.  You can’t convince me that 4 sets of eyes couldn’t get that call right.  It’s time to stop kowtowing to the big money franchises.

If you have any thoughts on any of these comments or questions, please let me know.  I am a curious person by nature and I need answers.

Thanks, Mitch 

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