Winnipeg Hockey Talk’s Favourite Tweets Of The Week #2

WHT’s faves of the week-

These Tweets caught my eye.  Some were funny and some were informative and some weren’t even about hockey.  Please don’t be upset if I include the odd Tweet of my own.

1.  I love all Olympic medals BUT I really dig Gold Medals.

2.  I totally remember these, do you?


4.  Not surprising at all.



7.  Me neither.

8.  Yes, my wife and I are huge Jays fans and we were just as happy as the players and the fans in those seats. 

9.  Absolutely …. everybody was juicing back then but Ben was the one that got caught thanks to shady help from his competitor’s Olympic committees.  You know who you are you hypocrites.   

10.  I’m not a fan of judged sports to start with but judging a twirling ribbon?  Really?  Not to mention the big rubber ball and the hulla-hoop.  


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