Blake Wheeler Earns My “EH”

Winnipeg Jets winger Blake Wheeler to wear an “A” –

Blake Wheeler was informed on Friday that he will be wearing an alternate captain’s “A” on his jersey this season.  He will join alternate captain Mark Stuart and captain Andrew Ladd as the Winnipeg Jets captains this season.

Blake Wheeler –

“It’s a great honour to wear a letter in this league, you don’t want to downplay that but for me, it doesn’t change anything.   I’m still going to approach things the same way, prepare the same way … just try to work as hard as I can … try to be an example for everyone else.”  


Blake Wheeler is an extremely skilled and smooth skating winger that has been one of the Winnipeg Jets top scorers since their arrival from Atlanta. 

His numbers?

His numbers have been solid but in my opinion he has a “point-per-game” skill-set so I believe he hasn’t reached his ceiling yet.  I truly believe he can take his game to another level and many Winnipeg Jets supporters agree with me.  Can Blake Wheeler score 25 goals and 57 assists?  Absolutely!  I’ve seen great growth in Blake Wheeler’s game over the past three seasons.

Blake Wheeler. (Photo by Shawn Coates)

Blake Wheeler     photo by Shawn Coates



Andrew Ladd –

“I think he took a big step last year taking his game to another level and really leading by example … pulling the team along when we needed it … so he has taken a big step in his game.  I think everyone in our room realized that …  he got a lot of respect from everybody and we’re excited for him to have the opportunity to help us out and lead the way.”

Some will say he already took a bit of a step in this direction with his comments on Evander Kane a couple of weeks back.  Maybe, maybe not but I think that putting a letter on his jersey can’t hurt.  I think it was a smart decision by the Jets brass.

I give this move a big “THUMBS UP” and an “EH”.


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