Jacob Trouba Awarded $5,500,000 By Arbitrator

Jacob Trouba (RFA), is a Winnipeg Jet for one more season –

The National Hockey League has announced that Winnipeg Jets defenceman, Jacob Trouba was awarded a one-year, $5,500,000 contract by the arbitrator on Sunday.  The Winnipeg Jets have two options and have 48 hours to make their decision. 

  • Accept the one-year contract awarded by the arbitrator.
  • Decline the offer and JT becomes a free agent.

I don’t think there is any doubt which way the Winnipeg Jets will go, the only question is why haven’t they responded yet?

Pos:  D   Shot:  R
DOB:  Feb. 26, 1994  Born:  Rochester, MI
Height:  6′ 3″  Weight:  205
Drafted: 2012  Rnd: 1st  Overall: 9
2017-18:  GP: 55  G: 3  A: 21  Pts:  24  PIM: 34
Career:  GP: 326  G: 34  A: 95  Pts: 129  PIM: 239


The arbitrator took the easy way out and split the two sides asking prices (4 mil and 7 mil) right down the middle and awarded Jacob Trouba 5.5 mil on a one-year deal.  Jake Trouba is a top pairing defenceman that is looking for ????.  That’s where I stop because I have no clue.  Jake, his agent, Chevy, and the arbitrator are the only ones that know what’s going on behind closed doors.

What we do know: 

  • Jacob Trouba is a Winnipeg Jets defenceman for the 2018-19 season.
  • The Winnipeg Jets and the Trouba camp can start negotiating a new deal in January, 2019. 
  • Jacob Trouba is still under team control for two more seasons.
  • Kevin Cheveldayoff is as patient as he is stubborn and he will look at this as part of the process and won’t be bullied into a bad deal or a bad trade.
  • The process either works or it doesn’t.  I guess it depends which side of the fence you are on.
  • Jacob Trouba is still a very good asset and if it looks like his time is done as a Jets d-man he can be traded.
  • The Winnipeg Jets are a better team with Jacob Trouba in the line-up.
  • There is plenty of time for mud-slinging later.

Final Thought:

Signing Jake is a no-brainer but these contract negotiations have most fans wondering if Trouba and his agent, Kurt Overhardt are trying to negotiate the best possible deal OR using this process to get him moved out-of-town.  There is no sense speculating now because it’s fruitless.  Like everything else it will eventually come out in the wash and we can all decide if Jacob Trouba was playing us.  Right now I will conclude it’s part of the PROCESS.      

This contract gets: ?

Chevy gets a:  C+

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