Winnipeg Jets Hardest Working Player: Jim Slater

Jim Slater has been with the same organisation since day one of his career, from the Atlanta’s Thrashers to the Winnipeg Jets.  Arguably, Jim Slater has to be one of the hardest working Winnipeg Jets.

Jim Slater was drafted by the Atlanta Thrashers 30th overall in 2002.  He has never been one to light up the lamp but he always works hard and isn’t afraid to stick up for himself or a team-mate.  He plays a fourth line roll and has for many years.  A true lunch-pail type.

Though injuries (sports hernia and hip surgery) held him out of the lineup the past couple of seasons, he found his home back centering the fourth line for Paul Maurice. 

Jim Slater has always been good in the face-off circle, he works hard, on and off the ice.  A true blue-collar type player that fans can appreciate.  You may even have had the opportunity to see Jim through the “Take a Jet to work” contest?

October 19, 2014-Jets-Flames-06

Jim Slater has been with the Atlanta/Winnipeg franchise his whole career

Times are a changing and being an upcoming UFA, I can’t help but wonder if his time up at the end of the season?

With younger players starting to challenge for a spot in the big league, what does the future hold for him?  There is lots of talk of Kevin Cheveldayoff letting him walk.  Certainly, I can understand after all this is a business and feelings can’t get in the way of the results for an organization to be successful.

I have been tossing around the idea of the Winnipeg Jets signing Jim Slater to a two-way deal and have him play in St. John’s if they feel he can’t stay up with the Jets.

Veteran leadership is a good thing for developing prospects, learning how to work hard, how to handle the ups and downs both on and off the ice.  Helping along the “seasoning” process.

However, one of the issues is we have a fine fellow in Jason Jaffray on The Rock who is an excellent leader.  He is almost the same age as Jim Slater so there is no need to turn over the proverbial “reigns” to another leader.  Is two veteran presences better than one?  Hard to say for sure.  How much veteran leadership does Kevin Cheveldayoff wants versus available roster spots for Winnipeg Jets prospects.

In today’s NHL, you don’t see a lot of players starting and finishing on the same team.  Be nice to see Jim have a job within the organization if he can’t find work anywhere else.  Maybe he can even get a call up once in a while or maybe assist somewhere off ice?

If Kevin Cheveldayoff decides to cut ties I would understand.  On the flip side, I would also enjoy seeing an organization rewarding a long time loyal employee.  Offering him a job somewhere in the organization would show a few other players here and around the league we take care of our own.  Doesn’t hurt the image.

Either way, I have enjoyed watching Jim Slater as part of the Winnipeg Jets and wish him nothing but the best which ever way it works out!

Go Jets Go!

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