The Winnipeg Jets 1st Segment Update

Four segments of 13 points will get the Winnipeg Jets to 95 points –

I’ve already conceded that the Winnipeg Jets will not make the playoffs but for you optimistic fans out there that still have hope here is what needs to happen.  I call it the race to 52 points.   

Most number crunchers seem to think the Jets will need 95-97 points to snag the last Western Conference wildcard spot but it is only gone higher than 95 once so for argument’s sake let’s settle on 95 points for the second wildcard spot.

The Winnipeg Jets finished their first half of the schedule with an 18-17-7 record for a very underwhelming 43 points and 6th place in the Central Division, so basically, the Jets need 52 points in their final 40 games to reach my magic number of 95.   This would be a tall order for a very good team and I’m not sure we are that team as of right now but you asked me to play along so I will.

First 10-game segment update:

The first segment is over and although it wasn’t what Jets fans hoped for I will give the believers something to ponder.  Although the Jets fell short of their 13 point objective by 3 points it just means that they need to make up those lost 3 points in the next 3 segments.  Now the home team needs to get 14 points per remaining segments.  The tall order just got taller BUT maybe help is on the way.  Andrew Copp and Cole Perfetti should be back shortly and hopefully Nikolaj Ehlers is only a couple weeks away.  Is that enough to tip the scales?  Probably not but the truth of the matter is this team only has 4-5 forwards to count on for offence with all due respect to Adam Lowry and the 3rd and 4th line guys.  They work hard and try their best but do not provide much offence.  That is a lot of non-productive minutes being eaten up every night and a lot of pressure on the top two lines.

I still say the Winnipeg Jets should be sellers at the trade deadline unless by some miracle they get back on track in their race to 52 points.  The biggest question I have for the die hard fans out there is has this team given us any indication they are capable of run of this magnitude?  Fourteen points in the next 3 ten game segments will be nearly impossible when you factor in the inconsistensy of this team but we can still hope.  I’m a fan and I’m still hoping for a miracle too.



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