Winnipeg Jets: Slow And Steady Should Do It

It’s simple Winnipeg Jets!  Win every 10 game segment and you’re in –

During a long NHL season, it doesn’t matter if it’s game number fifteen or game number seventy-two, they are all worth two points.  Now in saying that, all two points aren’t created equal.

Every game against a division rival is the proverbial “four-pointer” and is number one on the list.  Next would be games versus a conference team.  These teams are all vying for one of the two wildcard playoff spots if they aren’t in the top three of their division, so pretty important too.  Last but not least are the games against the teams in the other conference.  These games have no head to head ramifications but are still two important points up for grabs.

Ten game segments    

Playing a long eighty-two game schedule in a tough division and a tough conference can be a daunting task.  So, I, like a lot of NHL coaches, look at an NHL season in ten game segments.  It can help you keep your sanity this way!  I believe this helps keep the highs and lows on a more even keel.  There are eight, ten game segments plus two additional games to make up the NHL’s eighty-two game schedule.  

Eleven every ten

My theory is that if you can garner a minimum of eleven points in every ten game segment (on average) and win those two extra games you should be in the playoffs or be in the hunt on the last weekend of the season.  The team would have ninety-two points. The Winnipeg Jets first ten game segment wasn’t looking very good but with two wins and a shootout loss they actually salvaged that segment finishing 4-5-1 for 9 points.  Based on looking at eleven points per segment on average, they only missed by two.  Maybe they will make it right back up in segment number two!  You never know!

I have designated game #41 and game #82 as the two extra games.

Note:  Last year the Dallas Stars needed 91 points to get the last wildcard position. 

The real .500

Ninety-two points is what I call the “Real .500”!  Because of the loser point awarded for OT and SO loses the .500 record is now skewed.  This is the NHL’s version of making the standings look fair and equitable.  36-36-10 is not a .500 record, it is thirty-six wins and forty-six losses.  It just doesn’t sound as good does it?  Nice try NHL!    

Not all two points are alike

Some will say two points is two points and we’ll take it.  For the most part this is true but all two points aren’t created equal!  A win in regulation sixty minutes is worth two points.  A win in the five-minute overtime is worth two points and a win in the shootout is worth two points.  The difference is the NHL puts more weight in the regulation and overtime win for tie-breaking situations and have created a column in the standings called “Regulation and Overtime Wins” (ROW).  This must be the NHL’s way of admitting even THEY don’t like ending a game with a skills competition!

Winnipeg Jets outlook 

After starting off the season with a bang in Glendale, Arizona, the team hit their first bad stretch early in the season.  Not a good start for a team with an already apathetic fan-base!  Like I mentioned earlier, they managed to grind out five points in the final three games to save the first segment AND they have already matched their point total of segment one after six games in segment two!  Not a bad start but the Jets still have four more tough games to finish off segment number two.

Fans and media will use different streaks or different 10 game segments for emphasis in an argument or an editorial and that’s fine.  A current example; The Jets were 7-1-2 in their last 10 games (before the Montreal loss) and the Jets had garnered points in 8 straight games! (also before the Montreal loss).  All true and very impressive but the fact of the matter is they have 8 wins and 8 loses (8-6-2).

As each ten game segment passes, it will start to tell a story.  The more points you can bank in the early segments, the better.  There is going to be cold streaks, injuries and although all games are worth two points,  those two points come a little harder later in the season.  Maybe the story will be that the Winnipeg Jets are a playoff team or a team in contention or the team that just falls short again. Time will tell so let’s enjoy the ride.

I will chart and update the Winnipeg Jets in 10 game segments all year –

There are still four more games in segment 2 but this is where the Winnipeg Jets stand six games into segment 2 after their loss in Montreal on Tuesday night.

           As of November 12/2014

Jets segments


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