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Winnipeg Jets playoff odds

Let’s face it, sitting on 68 points from 63 games at the time of writing isn’t really where the Jets will want to see themselves. In terms of where their season is going to end, it isn’t really looking too great. Will they make the playoffs? Short of a big push towards the closing stages of the season, it’s looking unlikely. They’re not so far down that they have a great chance at winning the draft lottery, so where does that leave them?

Are they a team that is in drastic need of a rebuild? Honestly, not really. They’re a decent team that arguably only need a few more players to put up some kind of a challenge or at least get them into a playoff place for next season. The thing is, are things really that easy in the world of hockey? Absolutely not. Today, we’re going to be taking a look at some of the NHL odds to see where we can at least make some potential profit from any misery, or maybe even joy felt by the Jets nation. So let’s not mess about anymore and jump straight into it.

While it may not be the most likely outcome, it’s still possible the Jets could claim a playoff place

The Jets are currently going into a 4 game home stint, where they will host the Vegas Golden Knights, the Ottowa Senators, the Columbus Blue Jackets and the Arizona Coyotes, so Jets fans would like to think they can make it 4 wins from 4 here to give them a sizeable jump in points, starting in the most natural place, the first game of this stint. We’ll take a look at the head to head record and recent form of both the Winnipeg Jets and the Vegas Golden Knights for the build up to the game on Tuesday 22nd of March. 

Vegas Golden Knights @ Winnipeg Jets

One quick look at the table will tell you neither of these teams are where they want to be right now, as I previously mentioned the Jets are sitting 3rd from the bottom in the Central Division with 68 points and the Golden Knights are 4th in the Pacific with 72 points. However, the Jets definitely seem to have the Golden Knights number. Beating them twice already this season, home and away, so the question remains, is it going to be a case of third time’s a charm for the Golden Knights? Or business as usual for the Jets?

The Jets have picked up 2 wins from 2 against the Kings and the Panthers, while the Jets picked up a win against the Blackhawks after getting beated by the Bruins. Honestly, using form alone I feel it’s impossible to pick a winner in this, but for me, given the fact that the Jets seem to turn it up against the Golden Knights, I’ll be going for the Jets in regulation here.

Honestly though unless you’re looking at a team to win by a certain goal margin, the odds here aren’t great, with Vegas coming in at +150 and the Jets coming in at -175. In terms of the spread, you’re talking -170 for Vegas to win by +1.5 and +150 for the Jets to loose by 1.5 so that makes it a little more spicy. But, given how close the odds are too it may be a game you use to boost an accumulator or something along those lines, even a double/treble would have a nice boost by something this close. 

Ottawa Senators @ Winnipeg Jets

Next up the Jets host the Senators on March 24th which is the first leg of a back to back. Again, if we take a look at the table, for me this one should be a lot easier to call. We’ve been over how the Jets are currently standing, however…The Senators aren’t in a great position at all. 62 games, 49 points, yikes. But it doesn’t stop there, 3 wins in their last 10 games, one of which being against league newcomers the Seattle Kraken, not really ideal is it?

Once again, if we take a look at the recent form of the two teams here, while it’s still a mixed bag but, if you can call it this, the Jets are the most in form team between the two given that the Senators have only won one of their last 5 games, that game being against the Flyers. The thing is the Senators haven’t looked great either in these losses, I wouldn’t say they have played many games where you could look at them and be like yeah, okay, they did well there but were unlucky to lose.

You’d have a hard time finding odds for this game but it’s safe to say the Jets go into this as heavy favourites, if you’re looking for something spicy I mean, you could bet against the Jets right? Fat chance of that happening though. It’s worth noting however coming into this game that the Senators have won their last 3 games against the Jets, but I feel an upset on the cards.


Columbus Blue Jackets @ Winnipeg Jets

Then we’ve got the Blue Jackets, again at home, second leg of a back to back, March 25th. Honestly, looking at this one I’m sort of stumped and that’s because the Blue Jackets are having a very similar season to the Jets, in fact just one point separates these two teams. Both played 63 games, but the Blue Jackets currently sit on 67 points, compared to the jets 68.

This is another one that when I’m looking at it, based on recent form and the head to head, it’s a very tough call to make, however the Jets have beaten the Blue Jackets in their last 3 games. That being said, until they met the Capitals on the 18th, the Blue Jackets were actually on a pretty good run with a few decent wins including a win over the Minnesota Wild. So I think, if the Jets can big themselves up for it, then I’d be putting my money on the Jets, which given this is the 3rd game in a row that I’d likely pick the Jets, the push on to a playoff place is gaining traction! 

Arizona Coyotes @ Winnipeg Jets

Last but not least, one more home game against the Coyotes on the 27th March. Now this might sound a little bit outrageous, but hear me out here. The Coyotes are currently on 44 points from 62 games, they’re 2nd from bottom in the entire NHL. They haven’t been playing well at all, however and, again, hear me out.

If the Jets beat Vegas, Ottawa and Columbus back to back to back, I’d almost guarantee the game they slip up in is the one against Arizona. The last home game before they play a few away games on the bounce (Sabres and the Leafs) but, if there’s ever a point to knock you back down to earth after building your hopes, it’s a game like this, right? Especially given the fact the Jets have won their last 2 games against the Coyotes in February and January.

That’s going to do it for this one! So, Jets fans, lets get some discussion going. How do you see the rest of the season playing out? Can the guys make a push and make a playoff spot? Will deadline day change the course of the season? Ultimately only time will tell, but given some of the shaky performances of the teams around the Jets across the league, I honestly don’t see why they couldn’t make a big push for it! Here’s to hoping! Until next time, take care everybody!


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