Podcast 065: PoMo Says The Winnipeg Jets Are Tired!

episode-065The Winnipeg Jets are 13-16-3 after 32 games –

WHT Editor Mitch Kasprick and co-host Darryl Manchulenko discuss the Winnipeg Jets after 32 games and if they are really tired or is Paul Maurice deflecting blame, John Tortorella’s view on resting players, and much more.


The guys answer some questions from #AskWHTPod on twitter.

1.  With the return of normalcy, what can we expect/hope for from a well rested and team that’s had some practice time?

2.  How many points did undisciplined play cost the Jets last season?  Are the Jets giving away points at the same rate as last season?

3.  Did Laine for a split second think he was blasting the puck into the Oilers net or was he just trying to clear the puck?

Thanks to @thesawch , @sparkywpg , and @mike_yung for submitting their questions.

Mitch and Darryl will be back soon to talk about the Winnipeg Jets and the Manitoba Moose.

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Podcast 065


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