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Odds and Ends, Thoughts and Questions, from this past week in sports –

Just so there’s no confusion when I’m spewing my bias, I am a fan of the Winnipeg Jets, Arizona Coyotes, Manitoba Moose, Winnipeg Ice, Winnipeg Blue Bombers, Minnesota Vikings, Arizona Cardinals, Toronto Blue Jays, Arizona Diamondbacks, Winnipeg Goldeyes, Toronto Raptors, all curlers from Manitoba, and all Canadian athletes competing on the international stage.

I am NOT a fan of Gary Bettman or as I call him, Count Chocula. I am a big believer in the 7Ps. You’ve been warned.

1. Jets: The Winnipeg Jets went 1-2-0 in their first three games and although there was some good and some bad the bad showed up a lot more.  Thirteen goals against (and one empty net) in three games tells the story.  A win in Pittsburgh could salvage a .500 road trip and get the fanbase down off the ledge BUT the only problem is the Jets 2.0 have never won a game in Pittsburgh.  Fingers crossed.

 The Good:

  • The 5-4 comeback win in New Jersey after being down 4-0.

The Bad:

  • Losing a game to the New York Rangers that they probably should have won. 

The Ugly:

  • The second period on Long Island was UGLY.  The Jets were sloppy, confused, and soft defensively. 

2.  Moose: The Manitoba Moose (1-1-0-0) opened its season by splitting a pair of games in Texas.  They now return home for four straight home games.  The Moose have lost Eric Comrie to waivers (Arizona) so the Mikhail ‘Birdman” Berdin era has now started.  Logan Shaw leads the team in scoring with a goal and three helpers.

3. Jets: I was concerned about the play of Jack Roslovic coming out of the preseason but I thought he looked pretty dangerous offensively at times in the first three games.  On the downside, his defensive play is still below average.  To use a “Chevy-ism” … its a process.  

 4. Blue Bombers: Winnipeg 6 at Saskatchewan 21 – Every thought I have about the Blue Bombers (9-6) this week is negative.  They had an opportunity to get back first place in the west but the offense completely shit the bed.  The offence lacked creativity and was extremely conservative.

The Good:

  • The Blue Bomber defense was pretty good for most of the afternoon BUT Cody Fajardo still put up a 300-yard game and receiver Shaquelle Evans torched the Bombers secondary for a smooth 193 yards..

The Bad:

  • Paul Lapolice’s game plan.  I think LaPo is gun-shy or he has ZERO confidence in his QB.  The game plan was too predictable.

The Ugly:

  • Chris Streveler was absolutely awful in this game.  I have been a Streveker supporter but I’m not sure this guy has what it takes to be a CFL starter.   

5. Ice: The Winnipeg Ice are 3-3-1 after their first seven games.  I think Winnipegers are liking their newest toy.  I can hardly wait until they move into their new home.

6. Blue Bombers:  I’m at a point in my Blue Bomber fandom where I don’t think this regime can deliver a Grey Cup so I think its time to back up the truck and move them out.  BYE-BYE Wade Miller, Kyle Walters, Mike O’Shea, Paul LaPolice, and Richie Hall.   

7. NHL: Evander Kane received a three-game suspension from the NHL for abusing an official and I think he got royally screwed. 

NHL linesmen are out of control.  They are jumping into frays before anything has actually happened and the last time I checked NHL linesmen aren’t supposed to start altercations and manhandle players.  The linesman, Kiel Murchison was out of line in my opinion.  Kane was suspended under NHL Rule 40.4.

NHL Rule 40.4, Category III, for physical abuse of officials. The rule reads in part, “Any player who, by his actions, physically demeans an official or physically threatens an official by (but not limited to) throwing a stick or any other piece of equipment or object at or in the general direction of an official … or who deliberately applies physical force to an official solely for the purpose of getting free of such an official during or immediately following an altercation shall be suspended for not less than three (3) games.”

After the game Kane said:

Talk about abuse of an official? How about abuse of a player? It’s an absolute joke,” 

8. Pet Peeve: The offside video review.  I thought the NHL understood the spirit of the rule and during the offseason, they would tweak it accordingly.  The rule was implemented to make sure they didn’t miss any egregious offsides, not to see if a player lifted his skate a half-inch off the ice.

9. Blue Bombers:  Its a shame watching Andrew Harris giving his best years to the Bombers and probably never seeing a Grey Cup game.  Really sad in a nine-team league.  Actually embarrassing.  

10. Jets: The Dustin Byfuglien watch.  I love Big Buff but I’m at the point where it is time to shit or get off the pot.  Make up your F’N mind.  

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11. CFL: When did it matter if the player intended to target the head?  An illegal head-shot is an illegal head-shot.  There is no gray area.

12. Jets:  I find it interesting how Paul Maurice automatically plays Chevy’s bargain-basement UFA  acquisitions when he has better options like he doesn’t want to piss off his boss.  I’m okay with Gabriel Bourque but there is no way Anthony Bitetto or Mark Letestu should have been on the opening day roster.  Letestu should be on the Moose and be a depth call-up at best while Bitetto should never see NHL ice.  

13. Jets: Andrew Copp has looked pretty good centering Patrik Laine and Kyle Connor, too bad they didn’t have a full training camp together.

14. Jets: Laurent  Brossoit played out of his mind vs the Islanders on Sunday and that was just to keep it to four goals against.  The Jets play was very sloppy in the second period and it showed up on the scoreboard and should have been much worse. 

15. Jets: I think Jets fans are still wondering what they have in Neal Pionk.

16. Ice: Michal Teply (RW) is leading the ICE in scoring with 4 G 3 A 7 Pts.  Teply is a Chicago 2019, 4th rounder out of the Czech Republic.

17. NHL: I  know I say this every year but Rogers Hometown Hockey with Tara Slone and Ron MacLean continues to be one of the best hockey shows on tv.  I especially love the shows when they are in Manitoba.  Yes, I am getting old.

18. Important Dates:

Oct. 10: Winnipeg Jets regular-season home opener vs the Minnesota Wild. (TSN 3)

Oct. 12: Winnipeg Blue Bombers host Montreal.  (TSN 3)

Oct. 19: Winnipeg Ice host the Saskatoon Blades – 7:30 PM @ Wayne Fleming Arena.

Oct. 20: Winnipeg Ice host the Saskatoon Blades – 7:30 PM @ Wayne Fleming Arena.

19:  Goaltending:

  • Conner Hellebuyck:  0-1-0 … 5.08 GAA … .839 SV%             
  • Laurent Brossoit:  1-1-0 … 3.84 GAA … .889 SV%

20:  Special Teams:  Rule of thumb.  Have the two red numbers total at least 100% when added.  (as your minimum) 

  • PP:  23rd at 11.10%     
  • PK: 29th at 60.00% 
  • FO:  19th at 50.90%

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Thanks, Mitch


  1. Everett Shade says

    Totally agree with point #12

  2. I have a genuine fear for our defense on Thursday against the Wild, too small!

    • Mitch Kasprick says

      I’ll let you know shortly when its time to go into FULL PANIC MODE … it is a little too eary … I want to see a few home games first

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