Random Thoughts On The Winnipeg Jets: Dec. 8

Things about the Winnipeg Jets and the NHL that crossed my mind —

Some random facts and a few thoughts from this past week about the Winnipeg Jets, the Manitoba Moose and the National Hockey League.

1.  The Winnipeg Jets went 2-1-0 last week and are now 13-13-2 overall.  Gary Bettman’s .500 but not mine.   

2.  Is it just me or does Montreal Canadiens forward Max Pacioretty look a lot like a younger version of “Modern Family’s” Phil Dunphy? 

3.  I’m sorry but I grew up in an era where a gloved or hand pass was a violation not an assist but that’s Gary’s new and improved NHL.  Nice record-breaking assist Patrick Kane.      

4.  I don’t care that Micheal Hutchinson had a .935 SV% versus the Blackhawks, he just can’t give up that Teuvo Teravainen goal.       

5.  How is Winnipeg’s outdoor game coming along GARY?  By the time Winnipeg gets an outdoor game it will already be passe and nobody will give a crap.  Now that I think of it, there are fans that already think it’s passe and don’t give a crap. I would like to see Winnipeg get an outdoor game and I would like to see Jets 2.0 play Jets 1.0.     

6.  Remember last season around this time of the year when Michael Hutchinson was the “Flavour of the Month”?  Granted he hasn’t been as good as last year but I’m pretty sure he hasn’t forgotten how to play goal but some Jets fans are willing to toss him aside like a disposable razor.  I think I’ll continue to support him.       

7.  Now that the Habs have placed Alexander Semin on waivers, I wonder who the next sucker is?     

8.  I am amazed at how many NHL teams have “the best fans in the league.”  

9.  Funny how two guys that spent a lot of time in the “Popcorn Brigade” won two of the marquee events in the Winnipeg Jets skills competition last week. Ben Chiarot won the hardest shot and Paul Postma won the fastest skater.             

10.  I wonder how Manitoba Moose goaltender Jussi Olkinuora felt about bench boss Keith McCambridge leaving him in net to get lit up for nine goals by the Marlies this past weekend?    


11.  I love how hockey announcers or hockey TV hosts talk about 35-year-old players like they’re fossils.  

12.  How big do you think the monkey on Adam Lowry’s back is right now?  Anthony Peluso has more goals than Adam Lowry.  OUCH!        

13.  So, U.S.A. Hockey has Jets fans all upset because they didn’t invite Winnipeg draft picks, Kyle Connor and Jack Roslovic to their WJHC evaluation camp. Maybe they don’t watch USHL games.  Sorry, I couldn’t help myself.   

14.  Pet Peave:  Video review on those small tablets at the timekeeper’s bench. That’s your solution GARY?  All the big HD screens they have in the video control room in Toronto and you have the officials trying to make a decision on an eight inch tablet.  IDIOT!    

15.  Tick-Tock Chevy.  Either sign them or trade them.  Dustin Byfuglien’s and Andrew Ladd’s trade value is dropping every passing day …. or is it?   

16.  I liked Evander Kane and Zach Bogosian when they were Winnipeg Jets players.  They were actually two of my favourites but they’re gone now so is it okay if I like Drew Stafford and Tyler Myers? Has enough time passed?    

17.  As much as I like the Winnipeg Jets prospects coming down the pipeline, I really like the Arizona Coyotes prospects as well.      

18.  Winnipeg Jets Special teams update:  

PK:  21st at 79.4%   

PP:  27th at 15.7% 

19.  If you visit here regularly you may notice in my tone I’m not a fan of Gary Bettman.  That would be putting it very, very, very mildly!   

20.  Countdown to the 2016 World Cup:  286 days (Sept. 17-Oct. 1 in Toronto) How many Winnipeg Jets do you think will be playing in this event?


Popcorn brigade –  player sitting in the press box at the MTS Centre munching popcorn with his other “healthy scratch” teammates.  

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  1. Todd Leroux says

    3. … and an empty-netter, to boot.

    4. Leaky Hutch. He let quite a few of those in last year too. Maybe he should go down to the Moose and get some confidence (when Pav gets back). Team … wind …out of sails with those kind of goals. Not a big fan of Pav or Hutch but I still hope they do well.

    19. Not a Bettman fan either because he is willing to sacrifice the integrity of the game if it will sell. And, all the lockouts. On a related note, did you ever watch the Rangers – Philly outdoor game? Clearly rigged officiating to get to overtime. I couldn’t believe all the non-calls. Tortorella got fined 30k and called into a meeting with Bettman. Torts said, “did NBC and NHL officiating get together before the game and decide on getting the game to overtime.” Clearly, they did. Clearly. Oh, and Bettman gets angry if someone says that the Sabres tanked last year. He says they were rebuilding and it is an insult to the players. Okay, Gary, tell that to someone in a tin-foil hat and they might believe you…might.

    On holidays soon, so i can finally watch some hockey!!!

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