Random Thoughts On The Winnipeg Jets: Feb. 15

Things about the Winnipeg Jets and the NHL that crossed my mind —

Some random facts and a few thoughts from this past week about the Winnipeg Jets, the Manitoba Moose, and the National Hockey League.

1.  The Winnipeg Jets ended up 2-1-0 on the week and are 25-27-3 overall.  They had a chance versus Boston to get their first 3-game win streak of the season but once again failed.  That’s the eighth time this season.   

2.  According to Sports Club Stats:  After going 2-1 this week, the Jets odds of playing in the postseason were at 7.6% at the end of play on Sunday night, up from 6.1% last week.

3.  Although he really wasn’t over-worked, I thought Ondrej Pavelec looked pretty strong in a 2-1 shootout win versus the Edmonton McDavids on Saturday night.      

4.  Based on the economic climate, UFAs aren’t always going to hit the big home run on July 1 but being paid to play the game you love in the NHL for millions of dollars is still a pretty big home run in my opinion.  Am I right?

5.  I was surprised, that so many Jets fans were surprised, that prized rookie goaltender Connor Hellebuyck was returned to the Manitoba Moose after Ondrej Pavelec returned from the IR.  It was definitely not a reflection of his play.  There was no way the Jets were going to expose Michael Hutchinson to the waiver wire and they weren’t going to keep three goaltenders on the NHL roster, so it was the only logical solution.      

6.  The Jets offence is anemic.  In half their games this season they have scored two or fewer goals.  Not good.      

7.  I think the Jets management sent a pretty strong message to pending UFAs that they will not be signing thirty-year-old players to 7-8 year contracts.  If Andrew Ladd’s camp (J.P. Barry) thought Chevy was bluffing, the Buff contract should be enough proof, shouldn’t it?     

8.  Kudos to Kevin Cheveldayoff and the Jets ownership on getting a deal done with Dustin Byfuglien but I can’t figure out what took them so long to get it done.  I have said all along that Buff should have been a priority based on an organisational need if it truly was a choice between Ladd or Buff which I never bought into.  All things being equal, isn’t trying to keep your best players the objective of every organisation?  Yes, sometimes it isn’t that simple but Winnipeg hockey fans were fed a narrative from various “so-called” media experts here and abroad that said the Jets couldn’t afford both.  This never once came from the team and the Jets actually said they would like to retain both so don’t believe everything you hear or read and especially from the “Eastern media”.      

9.  I like Mathieu Perreault but there is NO way he is every any team’s first line left-winger.       

10.  Andrew Ladd has publicly stated that he wants to return to the Jets and wants to get back to the negotiating table.  Isn’t it funny how deadlines can do that?           

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11.  I would like to see some changes behind the Jets bench for the 2016-17 season.  It’s time for Paul Maurice to hire his own assistants and special teams should be the number one priority.   

12.  The media’s love affair with Connor McDavid is quite amusing but I can’t help wonder if all the gushing from the “Eastern media” would be the same if he was from Western Canada?  I think we all know the answer.       

13.  Right now, I think Nikolaj Ehlers is the Winnipeg Jets best offensive forward and that says a lot, both good and bad.      

14.  Before the season started I really believed the Jets could (not would) take a step backwards this season and for varying reasons but I didn’t believe the uncertainty of two of their leaders would be a factor.  To be honest, it may have played a bigger part than I would have originally believed.    

15.  If that rumoured 6-year, 36, 000,000 contract offer to Andrew Ladd was legit, I wonder if he regrets not signing it?  

16.  Things that make you go hmmm?:  I have a confession to make.  Like most Jets 1.0 fans, I despised the Edmonton Oilers and even today I can’t stand looking at Charlie Huddy’s face behind the Winnipeg Jets bench.  (see #11)        

17.  Winnipeg Jets Special teams update: 

PK:  28th at 77.8% slightly up from 27th at 77.0% last week.

PP:  28th at 16.1% down from 25th at 17.1% last week.

18.  Countdown to the 2016 NHL Trade Deadline:  SOON  (Feb. 29) 

19.  Countdown to the 2016 World Cup:  216 days (Sept. 17-Oct. 1 in Toronto) How many Winnipeg Jets do you think will be playing in this event?  Wheeler? Ehlers?  Scheifele?  Hellebuyck?  

20.  For an explanation of No-Trade Clauses and No-Movement Clauses and the NHL players that have them you can get that info here >>> NTC and NMC               

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Thanks, Mitch 

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  1. #3 – although Hutch played great in spurts, I’d say it was Pavlec that carried the Jets into the playoffs last year. I think the past two years he has committed to being extremely fit and a couple of years ago that wasn’t the case.
    #4 – I think we will see a lot more “Stepniaks” in the coming years. Teams are limited as to how many $8M + contracts.
    #6 – the Jets offence has been limited from day 1. Last year it was a strong and sound defensive effort that won them those 2-1 games.
    #16 – ditto

    I have to say… again.. that if the Jets are concerned about contracts and $$$ committed, I hope it’s not because they feel they need to pay Trouba big dollars long term. I have not seen anything from him that warrants this type of thinking. He’s not that good.
    #9 – the jets are a team of Matthew Perraults. They don’t have a legit #1 guy on the team except maybe Wheeler.
    #10 –

    • Mitch Kasprick says

      I like Trouba but I don’t like paying for “potential” … if his camp is looking for a homerun in his first contract coming out of his ELC I think they are barking up the wrong tree … I see a bridge deal for him and Scheifele and especially if the Jets resign Andrew Ladd.

  2. Todd Leroux says

    4. Yep. I’d love to have Ladd’s problems (or any other UFAs). This is not to say that I don’t appreciate their dedication and work ethic. Though he may still be recovering from his surgery and is having an off year, I really wonder if it the team would be better off getting more prospects and a young player in return. Seems to be Wheeler’s (and/or Buff’s) team more than his.

    5. Yep. No surprise given that the season is over and might as well not expose any assets (unnecessarily).

    7. and 8. Yep. I also wonder why it took so long. It became a distraction because it was always being discussed (in the media) as would be expected. And, with nothing coming from the cone of silence, speculation will always abound.

    11. and 16. YEP!!! Some great Jet teams (one year finishing 4th or 5th overall) to lose to the hated Oilers on a backhand (fanned) from the point by Randy Gregg (that actually happened once to my memory).

    Random: i am not sold on Trouba either. And, I am not sold on Scheifele though he has improved from last year. First, hit the net. Next, his hockey sense isn’t where a 1st-line center should be. Probably an unpopular opinion.

    Hope to see some more rookies in the line up for 5+ games.

  3. Mitch Kasprick says

    When I look at a player like Scheifele I try to remember where Ryan Getzlaf was around the same age … same with Trouba … neither is close to being at their best yet …. not fully developed … they just need time

    • Todd Leroux says

      Okay, fair enough. But, Getzlaf had 82 points at 22 years old.

      Anyway, hope you are right because Scheifele seems to penciled in as the future.

      Also, question: Is it true that ‘Bridge’ contracts have suddenly become as rare as blue moons? Personally, I can’t think of any given this year.

      Good luck, Jets.

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