Random Thoughts On The Winnipeg Jets: Mar. 23

Things about the Winnipeg Jets and the NHL that crossed my mind over the weekend —

Some random facts and a few thoughts from this past week about the Winnipeg Jets and the National Hockey League.

1.  The Winnipeg Jets had a perfect week with a 3-0-0 record.  Six out of a possible six points. Thoughts?   

2.  It looks like Ondrej Pavelec has won the crease for now.  Who said competition isn’t healthy?  This is pro hockey and this coddling BS is just that, BS.  You need to fight for your ice-time. Well done Pav.  

3.  Since January, 2015, the Jets are 13-3-2 at the MTS Centre.  Now that’s more like it. 

4.  I’m not big on whining about officiating but the Jets have been on the wrong end of some curious calls this season.  The latest was a cross-check to the throat of Tyler Myers and it was only worth 2 minutes!  If that was a Jets player, it would have been a 5 minute major for sure.  WAKE UP NHL!  WAKE THE HELL UP!  

5.  All I have to say is Scheifele-Stafford-Wheeler!    

6.  The Winnipeg Jets schedule doesn’t get any easier this week with back to back road games (Edmonton and Vancouver) and then home games against two of the leagues best (Montreal and Chicago). 

7.  I officially have a man-crush on Drew Stafford?     

8.  I still have the Jets sitting at DEFCON 3 because they are still holding down a wildcard spot.

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9.  It sure would have been nice to play in a division where you could beat-up on 2 of the 3 worst teams in the league all season.     

10.  Welcome to the MTS Centre … please deposit your 2 points and get the hell out-of-town.  (see #3)       

11.  Based on the competition this week, I’d be thrilled with 5 out of 8 points as long as we get a clean win in Vancouver.  (see #6)

12.  To Winnipeg Jets coaching staff:  Please, please do not play our 3rd pairing defencemen with our 4th line against the other team’s top line and ESPECIALLY when we’re at home and have the last change.  Thank-you.  

13.  Jacob Trouba had a rough week but we were 3-0-0, so no harm, no foul.  He’s been very good all year for the most part.  

14.  I actually like Toby Enstrom, but he does something that bugs me at least 5 times a game. 

15.  Calgary was 5-0-0 versus my beloved Coyotes this year.  (see #9) 

16.  In case you missed it, the Winnipeg Jets went 6-3-1 in Segment #7.  Here is the update at g5t.f17.myftpupload.com  

17.  PP update:  The Jets PP improved 2 spots this week and is sitting in 15th place at 18.2% overall.

18.  PK update:  The Jets PK improved 7 spots and is sitting in 12th place running at 81.6% overall.   

If you have any thoughts on any of these comments or questions, please let me know.  I am a curious person by nature and I need answers.

Thanks, Mitch 

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  1. Wesley Gavel says

    Its late but thought it would be fun to comment on your random thoughts. Just hope it makes some kind of sense, you might have to excuse grammar and spelling, too tired to reread or think too much.
    #1 Now they have 5 in a row with some big wins under their belt. I am more and more confident they will make playoffs. They have the potential to go deep in playoffs if everyone on the team is healthy and playing like they have been. I believe Wheeler is a big motivator coming down the stretch, would love to see him with a “C” on his jersey.
    #2 I agree, competition is a good thing and probably just what Pavs needed to light a fire under his ass. As a fan I agreed with PoMo switching Pav and Hutch back and forth it was good for both of them. I even wanted to slap him when he gave up the winner in St. Louis but have no problem showing him the love when he plays like he has been.
    #3 Love the way they have been holding down the fort.
    #4 Agreed. No whinning, but jeebus it has been ridiculous at times this season with the officiating.
    #5 Like that line, but miss seeing 85 in the line up!
    #6 Well we just beat Edmonton, we should be able to beat Van as long as we aren’t too tired with back to backers. Chicago don’t scare me much but Montreal always makes me squeamish.
    #7 Man crushes, well I suppose Drew qualifies as does Chevy, and PoMo. Great GM, and heck of a coach.
    #8 That wildcard spot is as good as ours as long as we keep up our level of play.
    #9 Would be nice, but oh well, it means more the harder you have to work for it.
    #10 Yip, you wanna play in this rink its gonna cost ya. The fans make things rock and our players have been responding.
    #11 Would rather a sweep but 5 outta 8 aint bad… suddenly I’m hungry for meatloaf, mmmmm.
    #12 Probably a good idea, however I am happy with PoMo coaching, Mr. Christmas made me sick to look at.
    #13 Don’t dare say anything bad about Trouba, he is my wifes favorite player. Coarse I’m more a Buff fan. Love his video bombs. Funny guy, oh and his play is pretty good too. 🙂
    #14 Poor Toby doesn’t get enough love as far as I’m concerned. I’ve liked him all season minus some stupid penalties, but overall he does his job.
    #15 Winnipeg is my team and always will be, but would love to have Calgary in Eastern Conference so I could cheer for Johnny Hockey, I like the little guy, great story. At least we have Ottawa to cheer on and the Hamburglars record streak.
    #16 All I can say is I have been predicting the Jets would need about 95 pts to make the playoffs this year, but as we come down the stretch we might need damn near 100.
    #17 Would like to see that stat improved even more, but hey improvement is always good.
    #18 Sad that we dropped down so far in that category from the first part of the season but 7 spots is a damn good start to getting back.

    • Mitch Kasprick says

      nice work on all but especially #11 Wesley … I actually LOL’d … BTW Trouba is one of my favorites too but he’s still prone to mistakes due to youthful exuberance … the special teams are both in the top half of the pack now and that’s pretty good.

  2. George Bain says

    Totally agree Mitch with your comment on the cross check to Myers. Man he was lucky he wasn’t hurt more seriously. Refs missed that one! I really admire how the Jets are playing lately. Every player gives a 150 percent effort. Pavelec has been playing better and you are right competition is good. He should be playing the way he is playing because he is being paid to be a number one goaltender. I still believe Maurice lit a fire under this guy. Basically he said I’m playing the rookie until you can show me you can take his job away.

    The more I watch Myers the more I like and I’m so glad Bogosian is gone! Great athlete but I will take Myers any day over him. Hurt again for Buffalo.

    The way the Jet’s brass is building this team the more I feel like we will have a competitive hockey team for years. I listened to Jason Strudwick ( TSN ) and he was talking about the Oilers and he stressed that in his opinion they should not play Darnel Nurse and Draisaitl next year. I totally agree. They have rushed so many of their young players. He thinks both should play in the AHL next year. It makes me think also about Arizona. Are they going to rush Domi and Duclair? On the flip side I guess if you have the talent like an Ekblad you can do it.

    Anyway enjoy your articles Mitch!

    • Mitch Kasprick says

      I agree with you about the Oilers for sure … as for the Coyotes … DuClair played in the NHL this year, so he’ll be okay and Domi is 50/50 to play.

      As for the Jets … fingers crossed … they are working hard.

  3. Great comments. Agree on all. Love the way we are building things in winnipeg. I think we are in for some disappointment this summer when we struggle to sign Stafford and Frolik. That will be a reality check for us….it will mean a mini rebuild every year.

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