Random Thoughts On The Winnipeg Jets: May 25

Things about the Winnipeg Jets and the NHL that crossed my mind over the weekend —

Some random facts and a few thoughts from this past week about the Winnipeg Jets, the National Hockey League and the Memorial Cup.

1.  Lots of Alexander Burmistrov talk in Winnipeg this past week.

2.  Nice signing by the Toronto Maple Leafs getting Mike Babcock.  

3.  I wonder when the last time “King Henrik”  gave up six goals in a hockey game?     

4.  Winnipeg Jets prospect Jan Kostalek and his Rimouski Oceanic have punched their ticket to the 2015 Memorial Cup.     

5.  You would think Tyler Johnson was the first good player that went undrafted the way everybody is gushing over him.  BTW I really like him too.   

6.  I have absolutely no love for the Toronto Maple Leafs but I don’t get how other fan-bases that have done ZERO, NOTHING, NADDA think it’s funny to ridicule them.  

7.  For the second time in a few weeks the Buffalo Sabres are acting like they’ve been left at the altar.  First by McDavid and now with Babcock.   

8.  I hope Winnipeg Jets fans realize that without Michael Hutchinson’s contribution last season there is NO playoffs for the home-team!

9.  In spite of the fact that the Halifax Mooseheads only played in two rounds of the playoffs Nik Ehlers won the QMJHL playoff scoring race with 31 points in 14 games.      

10.  Alan Walsh is either a great agent or delusional.

Josh vs Jan

Winnipeg Jets prospects go head to head Monday night!

11.  True or false.  If Johnny Hockey can play in the NHL right now so can Nik Ehlers. 

12.  ALERT!  There was finally a Rick Nash sighting at game four of the Eastern Final?

13.  Winnipeg Jets prospects Josh Morrissey and Jan Kostalek go head to head at the Memorial cup on Monday night, May 25.   

14.  I’ll be watching the Memorial Cup as my first choice with the NHL playoffs on channel return during commercials and intermissions.  How about you? 

15.  If Evgeny Svechnikov was available at #17 in the draft do you think the Winnipeg Jets would select him or are they gun-shy on the comrades?  (see #1)

16.  To be brutally honest I really haven’t been impressed with Josh Morrissey as a Kelowna Rocket.  He seemed more assertive with the Raiders as it was HIS team.     

17.  After Connor Hellebuyck’s terrific World Championships many Jets fans are ready to hand him a roster spot next year. (see#8)  

18.  Prediction:  Patrick Sharp will be in a Winnipeg Jets uniform in 2015-16.  Book it!  

19.  Jan Kostalek might be another reason to thin the herd on the right side of the Jets blue-line.  Five goals in his last five games.  Kostalek was named the QMJHL’s “Top Defenceman”.  He’s going to become a useful pro in a couple of years. 

20. Winnipeg Hockey Talk is looking for Winnipeg Jets and Manitoba Moose writers AND we would love somebody to cover the Manitoba Bisons as well. If you or somebody you know is interested, please contact us at:

[email protected].

If you have any thoughts on any of these comments or questions, please let me know.  I would love to hear your opinions.

Thanks, Mitch Use the “Comment Section” below.




  1. George Bain says

    Number 10? Not familiar with Walsh. What’s the story? I think Ehlers can play, but do the Jets rush him. I guess it’s up to Maurice.
    Agree with you Mitch I’m watching the Memorial Cup and switching back to the NHL. Nice seeing so many future NHL stars playing in this tournament! Was impressed with Oshawa and how Vande Sompel quarterback’s their power play.
    I agree with your impressions of Morrissey. He doesn’t look as good as I have seen him in the past. Kostalek looks really good. First time I have seen him play. Man he could be a good one for us down the road. I have visions of him, Morrissey, Trouba and possibly Vande Sompel quarterbacking our power plays!
    Haven’t seen Svechnikov, but would be happy if they chose him. Always can use a power forward who can score.
    Patrick Sharp in Winnipeg? That would be something! Sounds like you have an inside scoop.

    Interesting times coming up for the Jets

  2. The Burmi return to the NHL is exciting news. If he doesn’t want to play here he should at least bring a healthy return of assets. The biggest threat is an outrageous offer sheet from a needy team with lots of cap space.

    I love the way Kostalek plays. To me he is a better prospect than Morrissey. But then, what do I know? My next favorite prospect is Poolman, but only because I see Copp as already part of the team.

    Svechnikov is a great prospect, but on the basis of limited video, I prefer Kylington.

    • Mitch Kasprick says

      My Kylington report is coming up soon … he is a good one as well. Don’t sell Josh short just yet, he is a smart steady player.

  3. Selling Josh short is based on what I’ve seen. This guy has the skating and puck handling skills to really push the play and bring the puck out of his zone but he doesn’t do it. He has the skills to become a Duncan Keith type of player but he really has to step up his compete level. Until he does I can’t see him becoming much of a pro player. Kostalek shows much more.

  4. Wayne Knutson says

    HI Mitch.
    I like your thinking re: Sharp…. who/what do you think heads back to Chicago?

    • Mitch Kasprick says

      maybe a draft pick (2nd or 3rd) or a lower level prospect.

      • Wayne Knutson says

        Well, that price is certainly okay. I wonder if Chicago has any reservations about trading Sharp into the same division?

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