Random Thoughts On The Winnipeg Jets: Oct. 5

Things about the Winnipeg Jets and the NHL that crossed my mind since last Monday —

Some random facts and a few thoughts from this past week about the Winnipeg Jets, the Manitoba Moose and the National Hockey League.

1.  I don’t think most Winnipeg Jets fans were surprised that Connor Hellebuyck and Josh Morrissey were re-assigned to the Manitoba Moose but were surprised how early they were sent down. 

2.  Winnipeg Jets fans have come down from the ledge after three straight pre-season wins bringing their record to 3-2-2.

3.  The Winnipeg Jets have until 4 p.m. Tuesday to submit their final roster.    

4.  It seems that Winnipeg Jets fans have turned most of their anger towards Anthony Peluso this pre-season.  I feel sorry for whoever is next!        

5.  Ben Chiarot has been a nice surprise so far this pre-season.  Forget the three goals, he’s looked very confident and assertive.     

6.  Does Thomas Raffl get a one-way contract with the Jets or a two-way contract and get sent to the Moose or does he sign an extended PTO and get assigned to the Moose?  What would you do Jets fans?  (my answer is below)    

7.  What are the Jets going to do with Paul Postma?  I think they keep him because they are afraid to re-assign him to the AHL fearing he wouldn’t clear waivers.  He hasn’t played much in the past two season and I’m not even sure if Paul Maurice knows what he has in Postma.      

8.  I noticed this pre-season that Pav still handles the puck like a hand grenade.  I think the Jets should hire a guy like Marty Turco to teach their goalies how to move the puck effectively.  I bet the Jets d-men would really appreciate it.         

9.  It is going to be a busy week for sports fans with NHL hockey starting, NFL Football going full-bore, MLB playoffs starting and the President’s Cup.  Oh boy!       

10.  I posted this question last week.

10. Has Nic Petan done enough at this point to make the Winnipeg Jets opening night roster? 

I think he has been more impressive than Nikolaj “don’t call me Nik” Ehlers but I think they both make it!

UPDATE: it looks like with J.C. Lipon being re-assigned to the Manitoba Moose that Nik and Nic have probably made the opening night roster and the final spot is between Thomas Raffl and Anthony Peluso.

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11. Ho-Hum ….. nothing to update in regards to a Dustin Byfuglien or Andrew Ladd extension.

12.  Is it just me or has there been less Ondrej Pavelec bashing this past off-season and pre-season?  (see #4)   

13.  Thomas Raffl had his fight with Brandon Bollig poached by Anthony Peluso on Thursday night which lead to the question “was Anthony Peluso protecting a teammate?” or “was he trying to protect his job”?     

14.  Countdowns:

A.  Jets 1st regular season game: 4 days (at Boston)

B.  2016 World Cup:  347 days (Sept. 17-Oct. 1 in Toronto)

15.  If I had to guess, I’d say Jay Harrison draws the short straw and gets sent to the Manitoba Moose.  He should clear waivers and Carolina is paying part of his remaining salary so it’s not a bad move.  (see #7)

UPDATE: the Winnipeg Jets have placed Jay Harrison on waivers.    

16.  How long before Paul Postma is behind Jan Kostalek on the Jets depth chart?  

17.  Barring a trade my predictions for the Jets 13 forwards are:  Burmistrov, Copp, Ehlers, Ladd, Little, Lowry, Peluso, Perreault, Petan,  Scheifele, Stafford, Thorburn, Wheeler. STOP YELLING AT ME …. THESE ARE JUST MY PREDICTIONS!  

18.  Barring a trade my predictions for the Jets 8 defencemen are:  Byfuglien, Chiarot, Enstrom, Myers, Pardy, Postma, Stuart, Trouba and of course the 2 goalies will be Ondrej Pavelec and Michael Hutchinson. 

19.  I would offer Thomas Raffl a two-way contract and start him in the AHL.  (see #6)  

20.  If you are interested in writing for Winnipeg Hockey Talk or if you know somebody interested, please contact us at:

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We are looking for writers to cover the Manitoba Bisons, Winnipeg AAA, MJHL, MMJHL, KIJHL and Winnipeg High School.

If you have any thoughts on any of these comments or questions, please let me know.  I would love to hear your opinions.

Thanks, Mitch 

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  1. Derek Curtis says

    I was happy to see Morrissey and Hellebyuck go down early in that I was glad to see Pomo wasn’t wasting any time getting that roster narrowed down so he can get ready for the regular season.

    Chairot has been great! A steal of a deal IMO.

    Raffl I’d like to see start in the AHL on a two-way. It’s just good business if he’ll accept a two way. I’m sure he would get a call up sooner than later when it comes to injuries.

    Kostalek looked good to me considering the line shuffling and lack of experience at that level. Some seasoning and he could be a nice piece going forward. Postma remains a question mark until he gets some decent playing time. Some bad turnovers in that last preseason game though. Rust? or is this a weakness? Either way if Kostalek continues to improve, yes he will pass Postma on the depth chart for next season.

    Goalie puck handling, this has always been an issue for Pav. What always intrigues me is Hutch has the raw ability to handle the puck and likes to, but if Pomo goes with a rotation like last year I will be keeping an eye on how the team adapts to the different styles. It must get confusing for the defence at times to have two different styles back there.

    For my buddy Peluso, I think it may serve him best to spend some time in the A with more minutes. He hasn’t looked very good in the preseason. It’s getting close to making a decision on him and his future with this team. Not sure if he will clear waivers? Now may be the time to try and push him through. I still see some potential there, but sitting isn’t going to tap into any of that potential. If Raffl gets a two way it may not be the best thing for Anthony lol

  2. Dayofthedogs says

    Peluso is the worst hockey player out of Copp, Petan, Raffle, Lipon, Armia… He is also one of the best fighters in the league, if not the best. Plus he had a mediocre camp at best

    Guess it depends on if we want to ice a 4th line that can play meaningfull minutes or if we want them to suffer in 5 mins a night. Looking forward to seeing what Copp and Petan can do instead of watching Slater, Thorb and Peluso flop around like dead fish.

    Pav is not a very good NHL goalie. I think we have just accepted he will play out his contract here at this point. Besides I’m too excited to see this roster in action, i’m still not sure we will win a lot but it should be a blast to watch.

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