Random Thoughts On The Winnipeg Jets: Apr. 25

Things about the Winnipeg Jets and the NHL that crossed my mind —

Some random facts and a few thoughts from this past week about the Winnipeg Jets, the Manitoba Moose, and the National Hockey League.

1.  Was anybody else surprised that TNSE fired (contract not renewed) Keith McCambridge?  I mean it wasn’t like he was set up for success or anything!    

2.  I wonder how much heat Ken Hitchcock is feeling right now?  I’m guessing he knows his job is on the line. 


The St. Louis Blues defeat the Chicago Blackhawks in game 7 by a score of 3-2 and Ken Hitchcock probably saved his job.

3.  Soooo …. if the Blackhawks lose tonight, the first-round pick the Jets received from Chicago in the Andrew Ladd trade would be lower (better) …. so GO BLUES GO!


I believe the pick from Chicago will be the 22nd overall but no worse than the 23rd … it’s a lot lower than most expected.

4.  Wouldn’t Nick Leddy look good on the Blackhawks blueline?

5.  Is anybody surprised that viewership for the NHL playoffs in Canada is down 60%?    

6.  Without a horse in the NHL playoffs race, I find myself bouncing around the channels watching the Blue Jays, the Raptors playoff series, and the NHL playoffs.  I’m driving my wife crazy!      

7.  There are more people in Canada watching the Blue Jays playing “April baseball” than the NHL playoffs.  (see #5)              

8.  I was shocked at how easily the San Jose Sharks dispatched the Los Angeles Kings and I’m sure I’m not alone.      

9.  So much for all the rhetoric about playoff experience for goaltenders. Thomas Greiss has ZERO playoff games on his resume AND can anybody name either of the goaltenders that helped the Pittsburgh Penguins dispatch the New York Rangers in five games?             

10. The NHL Draft Lottery, aka the Auston Matthews sweepstakes, will be held this Saturday night at 7pm local time (Manitoba).

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11.  I wonder if most hockey fans realize that there are THREE separate lotteries for each of the first three picks, then the rest of the picks are seeded based on the NHL standings?

12. It’s pretty sad when the NHL Draft Lottery will probably receive the highest tv ratings in Canada this spring.  (once again see #5)  

13.  I wouldn’t put it past TNSE to bring Claude Noel back into the fold to coach the Manitoba Moose.  

14.  To be honest, I don’t need much of an excuse to cheer against the Hawks, although it does pain me to cheer against Jonathon Toews.  (see #14)        

15.  The officiating in the first round of the NHL playoffs sure doesn’t look like the officiating during the regular season.  It’s actually worse if that is even possible!   

16.  I’m guessing there are going to be some big changes in New York this off-season as they looked dreadful against the Penguins.    

17.  IF the Winnipeg Jets make the playoffs next season it will be at the expense of the Minnesota Wild.  I can’t see anybody else slipping. 

18.  I know the Dallas Stars were without Tyler Seguin BUT they looked like crap versus the Minnesota Wild and I’m not sure they would have beaten any other team in the Western Conference.   

19.  FYI, in this Saturday’s NHL Draft Lottery, the Winnipeg Jets could draft as high as #1 and no lower than #9.  (see #11) 

20.  It is 146 days (Sept. 17) until the World Cup of Hockey in Toronto.  The final rosters to be posted on June 1.   

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  1. 1. He may actually be happy to get away from the train wreck known as the Manitoba Moose, as you basically stated he was set up to fail miserably.
    6. Also watching the Jays and Raptors, the Wheat Kings series vs. Red Deer is on Shaw TV, haven’t actually watched any of the NHL playoffs

    • Mitch Kasprick says

      I left my Shaw in Arizona damn it … I knew there was a reason to bring it home but I’m sure we’ll get some coverage as they go deeper.

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