Random Thoughts On The Winnipeg Jets: August 11

Things about the Winnipeg Jets and the NHL that crossed my mind over the weekend —

Instead of being serious all the time and writing a commentary or an opinion piece we will jot down some random musings once a week.  It might be a mix of serious, playful or maybe even a little sarcastic but it should be fun.  If you have answers please let us know. 

1.  Why would the Winnipeg Free Press consider an Unrestricted Free Agent a “reject”? (T.J. Galiardi)

2.  Which junior player has the best chance to make the Jets this season, Morrissey or Kosmachuk. 

3.  When you consider the Jets need for a “top 4” LD would you consider a trade with RW Dustin Byfuglien and LD Braydon Coburn as the center pieces? 

4.  Pre-season prognostications are coming out and many publications are picking our Jets for last place in the Central Division.  Agree or disagree?  

5.  Will Mark Scheifele break the 50 point barrier this season?

6.  Will Evander Kane hit the 30 goal plateau this season?

7.  Wouldn’t it sound weird if the National Hockey League called their exhibition games or pre-season games …. “friendlies”? 

8.  Did the Winnipeg Free Press headlines read “reject” every time the Jets claimed a player on waivers?

9.  I wonder if the Jets will be live streaming the games from the Young Stars Classic (Penticton, B.C.) on their website?

10.  Do you think current Winnipeg Jets head coach, Paul Maurice was okay with inheriting ex-Jets coach Claude Noel’s assistants?    

Now some of these questions are serious, some are just tongue in cheek and some are me just being a _________. (you fill in the blank)

If you have any thoughts on any of these questions please let me know.  I am a curious person by nature and I need answers.

Thanks, Mitch

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  1. If Scheifele can stay healthy he can do it. Kane can hit 30 if he can keep his head in the game and city. I also am hoping young stars tourney is broadcast online or Jets channel would be nice.

  2. Mitch Kasprick says

    I agree … if there is any hope for a playoff spot Scheifele and Kane hitting those numbers are a MUST !!!!

  3. Definitely a lot of what ifs going into this season! That’s the great part of being a fan and of having our team back. I think a good question is can Maurice get Scheifs to 50pts and Kane to 30 goals?

  4. Mitch Kasprick says

    PoMo is going to earn his money this season!

  5. Paul Poirier says

    1. poor decisions in terms of Free Press Headlines nothing more
    2. morrissey unless the jets make a trade for a #2 LHD
    3. i would definitely look at buff or bogo for that matter as centre pieces along wiht coburn
    4. agree unless we change our goaltender
    5. i think scheifele will break 50 points barring injury
    6. evander will hit the 35 goal mark again barring injury
    7. that would be very weird, nothing friendly about them
    8. i dont think so but i am not 100% sure
    9. i would hope so, im sure they will be on the canucks site if not
    10. i think he was okay with it but im sure he like to make some of his own choices

  6. joey gelati says

    #WFP is irrelevant; #JoMo has the better chance of those listed; plyr4plyr trades are not in Chevy’s M.O.; doesn’t take a genius to pick us last in our division; yes to scheifele; no to “the overated” one; exhibition games are already too “friendly”; another reference to the irrelevant media in wpg; VCR livestream’s the games already (past 2 years); PoMo’s evaluation period is now over — players & coaches should be held accountable so lets hope he holds true to the “toughest training camp they’ve ever seen” statement.

  7. GoJetsGoDmo says

    1.Because they want to stir controversy.
    9.Hope so
    10.Probably would have preferred to choose his own.

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