Random Thoughts On The Winnipeg Jets: Jan. 1

Odds and Ends about the Winnipeg Jets and the NHL that crossed my mind this past week —

Some random facts and a few thoughts from this past week about the Winnipeg Jets, the Manitoba Moose, and the National Hockey League.


The U20 WJC continues this week with the playoff rounds starting today.  All games will be broadcast on TSN.


The Arizona Coyotes have acquired Alex Burmistrov from the Winnipeg Jets via the waiver wire.  Welcome to the desert Burmi. 

1.  The Winnipeg Jets started the week with an impressive 3-1 win in Chicago and then dropped their next two games at home.  They now have a record of 17-19-3 overall.  The sad part is the Winnipeg Jets are still in the wildcard chase despite their Jekyll and Hyde act.    

2.  Congrats to Team Canada on winning back to back Spengler Cups.  The Spengler Cup is one of my favorite events in hockey and it’s even better when Canada wins.  I love how these Canadian players get together with very little preparation and become a team.        

3.  As a Winnipeg Jets fan, I am as guilty as the rest of Jets fans when it comes to liking certain players.  I like and overrate players that actually don’t do anything. We tend to fall in love with a perceived skillset but yet these players don’t actually accomplish anything.  Two perfect examples for me are Mathieu Perreault and Joel Armia.  I like both players.  They look pretty but they do squat all.  

4.  You can just see the frustration mounting in Dustin Byfuglien’s game and when Big Buff is frustrated he wants to hurt people.  I’m all for inflicting pain but you just can’t be so damn obvious about it.

5.  How long before Jets fans start clamoring for Eric Comrie?  Please, please, please, DO NOT call him up.     

6.  On a scale of 1-10, how much do you think Andrew Ladd enjoyed scoring against the Winnipeg Jets on Saturday night?       

7.  I had to laugh at Gary Roberts and Chris Draper getting after each other in the Toronto/Detroit Alumni Game on Saturday.  They were real close to dropping the gloves.  Now that would have been something. 

8.  After every bad Jets game, I get sick of hearing  “what were your expectations this year?”  To be honest, I had no expectations, BUT when I see a hockey team that can beat the Chicago Blackhawks THREE times before New Years Day my expectations and the expectations of MOST Jets fans are a helluva lot higher than the results we are currently seeing on a night to night basis.  (see #1)                   

9.  I have to admit I liked when the Winnipeg Jets had a player or players on Team Canada at the U20 WJC.  This year, cheering for Team USA’s Jack Roslovic and Eric Foley just isn’t doing it for me and the Czech Republic’s Michael Spacek didn’t exactly get my motor running either.    

10.  In the New Year, I would like to see defence pairings of Josh Morrissey/Jacob Trouba, Dustin Byfuglien/Ben Chiarot, and Toby Enstrom/Paul Postma. Thoughts Jets fans?       

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11.  On Saturday night, Oilers coach Todd McLellan didn’t use Connor McDavid in the shootout versus Vancouver.  I guess Paul Maurice isn’t the only one that makes strange decisions.   

12.  At what point in time does Dougie Hamilton just become Doug Hamilton?  

13.  On Saturday night at the height of my frustration during the Winnipeg Jets and New York Islanders game I sent out this tweet.  Based on the amount of “likes” and “retweets” many Jets fans feel the same way.  I think Jets fans are getting tired of drinking the kool-aid.  BTW, the Leafs are now 17-12-7. 


14.  Question for Kevin Cheveldayoff:  Any chance you can send Charlie Huddy to the Manitoba Moose? 

15.  Last week I asked the question … “Where do you see Jacob Trouba topping out?”  I was a little surprised by the votes.  45% had him as a #2 but no worse than a #3 … 26% had him as top pair defenceman which is close to the first vote BUT only 6% see Jacob Trouba as a #1.   

16.  It’s confession time:  

  • I am a die-hard Winnipeg Jets fan.   
  • I am not a journalist.  
  • I have no hidden agenda or aspirations of becoming a journalist.  
  • I started this website because I like to hear myself talk and 140 characters on Twitter wasn’t getting it done for me.  
  • I am 61 years old and I write and talk about the Jets because I love hockey.
  • The WHA Jets years are my best hockey memories.  
  • I am long-winded and I make no apologies for this.  
  • I am a homer … I like to think I’m an objective one but make no mistake I’m a homer.  
  • I like all the Winnipeg Jets players, even the ones I don’t like.  How’s that for an oxymoron?  
  • I am an Arizona Coyotes fan and I make no apologies for that either.
  • I am “hockey damaged” thanks to Jets 1.0, Jets 2.0, the Coyotes, and Twitter.  

Now you know why people think I’m a curmudgeon.  Look what I’ve been subjected to over the years.  I bet this answers a lot of questions, doesn’t it? (see #13)

17.  That little puke Johnny Gaudreau really bugs me. 

18.  The numbers:

  • Connor Hellebuyck:  GAA – 2.71 … SV% – .909 … 2 shutouts
  • Michael Hutchinson:  GAA – 3.18 … SV% – .894 … 1 shutout 

19.  After a solid effort by Connor Hellebuyck versus Chicago on Tuesday night, Helle and Hutch both stunk in the Jets next two games.  It looked like Hellebuyck was starting to get some traction but he had a bit of a hiccup on Saturday night against the Islanders.  This is a part of the “growing pains” I can actually deal with.  RELAX JETS FANS!  

20.  Special Teams:

  • PP:  19th at 16.7% … last week … 23rd at 15.3%.   
  • PK:  27th at 76.1% … last week … 28th at 76.7%. 

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  1. About #9. Roslovic has not had a great tourney so far. Eric Foley , to me, has exceeded expectations. Plays very well within the US system. Makes the simple safe plays without hesitation. Pleasantly surprised by him. Spacek has a lot of skill but has many defensive elements to work on. Long term possibilities though.

    • Mitch Kasprick says

      I expected more out of Roslovic … Foley is another AHL player at best in my opinion.

  2. Todd Leroux says

    17. LOL!

  3. Perrault is a 3rd line player the same as when we got him. Armia does lots well. Like to see him with better skilled center. Petan maybe. Foley and Spaces Moose at best. Roslovic a Jet in 3 yrs. …maybe. like that Swiss kid #18 in WJC

    • Mitch Kasprick says

      BUT Perreault has played in the top 6 most of the time as well as the PP … his numbers don’t match his usage.

      As for Armia, I think he has potential to be a decent scorer.

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