Random Thoughts On The Winnipeg Jets: Jan. 5

Things about the Winnipeg Jets and the NHL that crossed my mind over the weekend —

Some things that crossed my mind this past week about the Winnipeg Jets and the National Hockey League.

1.  Happy New Year to all Winnipeg Jets fans!   

2.  The Winnipeg Jets went 1-2-0 this week … 2 of 6 points.  Thoughts?  

3.  Isn’t it nice watching the WJHC and not having to see that hideous trapezoid on the ice behind the net?

4.  I’m begging all play-by-play announcers to stop saying “the blue paint”!  IT’S A GOAL CREASE!  Thank you.

5.  Congrats to Ben Chiarot on his FIRST goal in the NHL!

Ben Chiarot

Ben Chiarot scored his 1st NHL goal vs Toronto on Saturday! 

6.  Another one of my pet peeves is hockey announcers calling the NET a CAGE!  It is a net!  Have you ever seen a cage?  

7.  Is it just me or is there an extra amount of satisfaction when the Jets beat Toronto?

8.  Instead of ripping on the Edmonton Oilers for sending Leon Draisaitl  back to junior, I applaud them for looking out for his long-term development.  Sure it was a little later than it should have been (10 game mark) and they lost one year of his ELC (entry-level contract) but it was the correct decision.

9.  It was nice to see hockey fans in Toronto giving Team Denmark a ton of support at the games played at the ACC.

10.  Overall I would say the Winnipeg Jets prospects showed fairly well at the WJHC.  Nic Petan being the exception!


                             Hutch continues to lead the NHL in GAA and SV%                                 photo by Shawn Coates

11.  Interesting fact:  The WJHC official website shows Chase De Leo with one goal and a GWG in its statistics although he never scored a goal in an actual game.  The IIHF counts the GWG in the shootout as a “goal” for statistical purposes.  All other shootout goals don’t count in the stat-line.

12.  The IIHF “3-point” win in the standings just makes too much sense.  Take note NHL!

13.  Michael Hutchinson is still #1 in the NHL in GAA (1.81) and SV% (.937).  No wonder he’s getting more starts.

14.  Congrats to T.J. Galiardi on his first goal as a Winnipeg Jet.  

15.  Now that it looks like the Edmonton Oilers will be returning Leon Draisatl back to the Prince Albert Raiders, what are the odds of him being traded to a WHL contender (Kelowna or Brandon) for a Memorial Cup run?  (see #8)

16.  The Winnipeg Jets special teams have eclipsed the 100% barrier ….. PK (7th) 85.1 … PP (21st) 16.9 ….. Total …102  

If you have any thoughts on any of these comments or questions, please let me know.  I am a curious person by nature and I need answers.

Thanks, Mitch 

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  1. Wayne Knutson says

    Happy New Year, Mitch !!!
    Thanks for doing these… I really enjoy reading them !!

  2. Mitch Kasprick says

    Thanks Wayne and Happy New Year to you too! These are the things that rattle around in an old retired guy’s head!

  3. chrishutton34 says

    I was a little surprised that Brandon made the deals they did, I thought maybe they liked their team better next season and would stand pat, but that’s my team so never a bad thing to see them going for it

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