Random Thoughts On The Winnipeg Jets: May 9

Things about the Winnipeg Jets and the NHL that crossed my mind —

Some random facts and a few thoughts from this past week about the Winnipeg Jets, the Manitoba Moose, and the National Hockey League.

Spoiler Alert:  It wasn’t planned this way but most of my thoughts this past week revolved around the WHC and a couple of draft prospects. 

1. The 2016 IIHF World Hockey Championships started on Friday in St. Petersburg/Moscow, Russia and I am guessing Winnipeg Jets fans might be more interested in this than the NHL playoffs.  I know I am.

2.  I love that the IIHF doesn’t have that ridiculous trapezoid behind the goal line. 

3.  At what point do we stop calling Ivan Telegin (Team Russia) a Jets prospect? 

4.  I watch an awful lot of hockey on TV and I like to listen to the home and away feeds (if available) along with the Canadian and U.S. network feeds and there are many fine broadcasting teams but for my money Gord Miller and Ray Ferraro are the best.

5.  2010 NHL Entry Draft:  Alex Burmistrov, 7th overall (Atlanta) … Vladimir Tarasenko, 16th overall (St. Louis) … Evgeny Kuznetsov, 26th overall (Washington) … mmmm?

6.  There has been a lot of talk on whether the NHL is going to send its players to the next Olympics.  I don’t like this pick and choose attitude or whether it’s convenient for them to go.  You’re either in it for the long haul or you’re not. Shit or get off the pot Bettman!

7.  IMO, Kyle Connor didn’t look out-of-place playing against a very strong Canadian team in the WHC opener on Friday and versus a weaker Belarus team on Saturday, he looked even better.  He had a powerplay assist in both games.

8.  As if Patrik Laine needs more hype in Winnipeg, he pots two goals and adds an assist in his first game of the WHC.  Granted it was versus a weaker Belarus team but three points is three points.  I’m pretty sure if it was Auston Matthews the Leaf fans would be erecting a statue of him in front of the Air Canada Centre. 

9.  I would like to see the NHL revisit their crease rule and look at adopting the IIHF interpretation of the rule BUT with a little more latitude for players being pushed into the crease.       

10.  I wonder if the Winnipeg Jets are looking at Michal Kempny (Czech Rep), a left-hand defenceman that can skate and is a UFA looking for work in the NHL? He played in the KHL this past season for Avangard Omsk and IMHO he probably wouldn’t look too bad on the Jets blueline.


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11.  Watching the World Hockey Championships just confirms my narrative of “ALL games should be worth 3 points”.  

12.  I must admit I am very impressed on how Auston Matthews calls for and WANTS the puck.  He is obviously a very confident player.  There is ZERO chance the Leafs don’t take him with the first overall pick.   

13.  There is going to be a lot of Jets and Leaf fans watching the USA vs Finland today at noon (MB time).  There might even be a few GMs and scouts as well!  

14.  Sometimes drafting #2 is better than drafting #1 and that could be the case this year.  The decision is basically made for you.

15.  Auston Matthews matched Patrik Laine’s output versus Belarus and the Leaf fans actually didn’t erect a monument … yet.  (see #8)  

16.  Best call of the WHC:  Belarus defenceman, Oleg Yevenko (6’7″) was laying the lumber on the back of U.S. forward, Miles Wood (6’1″) in front of the Belarus net and after about the 4th cross-check the official put his arm up to call the penalty.  Finally, after seven cross-checks (they actually counted them on the broadcast), Yevenko is heading to the penalty box and TSN’s Gord Miller says “Yevenko gets two minutes for serial cross-checking”.  Nice.     

17.  So far, so good, for the Brandon Wheat Kings who are up two games to zero in the WHL finals.  Go Wheaties!    

18.  Patrik Laine notched another 2 goals and assist in his second game (versus Germany) for a total of 4G-2A-6Pts.  Remember, he’s only 18-years-old.      

19.  Countdown to the 2016 NHL Entry Draft:  47 days (1st round on June 24th) in Buffalo, N.Y.   

20. Countdown to the 2016 World Cup of Hockey:  It is 132 days (Sept. 17) Toronto, Ont.  The final rosters to be posted on June 1.   

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Thanks, Mitch 

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  1. Wayne Knutson says

    Hello Mitch. Welcome Back!! In regard to #6, I think the NHL reluctance to participate in the upcoming Olympics has to do with insurance and travel costs. The NHL wants those costs paid, (maybe others, too) and the IOC wants the players for free, or close to it. IOC are greedy buggers.

    • Mitch Kasprick says

      Thanks Wayne, nice to be back …. you are right about the IOC BUT why would the negotiations be any different than previous Olympics? Bettman should have had a long term deal in place years ago and my hatred of him makes him an easy target for me PLUS I enjoy every chance I get to crap on him and he never leaves me without plenty of ammo LOL … worst commissionaire in sports history.

      • Wayne Knutson says

        I think both parties are playing hardball, and the only losers will be hockey fans, if the NHL decides not to allow players to participate.
        I also thing Gary Bettman is very smug, and maybe hard to relate to, but I also think he has done a great job in advancing the game of hockey… there are more viewers, more TV coverage, and the game is strong. I would like to see more goals, and I think that is in the works, with the upcoming tweaks.

  2. Sorry for the delay as I just caught up to this. A couple of responses:

    #4 I couldn’t agree more. Miller is solid in all aspects and Ferraro gives the best insights of any analyst out there. I am so happy when I find Ferraro or Pang on a broadcast because I know that I will learn something new during the game.

    #5 A bit of a pass on the Burmistrov pick. He was a great looking prospect. Tarasenko had not developed the lower lower body strength he now possesses and while he was dynamic there was not yet a guarantee he would withstand NHL physicality. Kuznetsov would have gone MUCH earlier but people had no idea how long he would stay in KHL for.

    #17 Looking very forward to the Memorial Cup here. We actually get to watch all the games. Marner highlights for the London Knights have looked phenomenal this OHL playoffs. Maybe Toronto will need 4 new statues: Marner, Nylander, Matthews, Stamkos. SOunds kind of entertaining.

    • Mitch Kasprick says

      Correct … Burmi was real good in Barrie … nice that you get to watch the Memorial Cup, it’s one of my favorite time of the year.

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