Random Thoughts On The Winnipeg Jets: Sept. 19

Things about the Winnipeg Jets and the NHL that crossed my mind —

Some random facts and a few thoughts from this past week about the Winnipeg Jets, the Manitoba Moose, and the National Hockey League.

1.  The Winnipeg Jets lost their #1 fan this past week.  Len “Kroppy” Kropioski from Kenora, Ontario was a fixture at Jets home games and fans in the rink and watching on tv always looked forward to the camera shot of him saluting during the singing of O Canada.  RIP Kroppy, you were the highlight at the start of every Winnipeg Jets home game and you put a lot of smiles on people’s faces.


2.  I find it interesting how Team USA boldly stated that their team was built to beat Team Canada but do they really think they can intimidate Canada with goofs like Abdelkader, Dubinsky, and Kesler running around like idiots?           

3.  Head scratcher #1 of the WCH:  Dustin Byfuglien was a healthy scratch for Team U.S.A. in their WCH opener versus Team Europe.  By the way, Team Europe won 3-0.  I guess Torts is saving Buff for Tuesday night vs Canada!   

4.  When Tyler Seguin bowed out of the WCH last week because of injury was anybody else surprised that Ryan O’Reilly was named as his replacement and not Taylor Hall?  Hall seems to be getting a bad rap early on in his career.  

5.  It looks like Connor Hellebuyck is the odd man out on Team North America and probably won’t even dress for a game.  Is his lack of playing going to hurt his chances of making the Jets?  Sitting idle for two weeks can’t help. 

6.  I wonder how Kurt Overhardt is feeling about his client, Jacob Trouba’s bargaining power after being a “healthy scratch” in the last three games for Team NA?  Unless he’s injured and it’s being kept quiet.

7.  This past week Bobby Hull let TNSE know that he won’t be attending next month’s Winnipeg Jets HOF festivities.  I’m sure he’s been advised about the backlash on social media and talk radio.  It looks like the smear campaign by some of the local media worked.  I was never a Hull fan but I think I could separate his on-ice life and off-ice life for one night.

8.  To really put things in perspective the Winnipeg Jets top prospect is playing in the WCH for Team Finland and the rest are playing in a schlubb tournament in Penticton, BC.   

9.  I’m surprised that all the experts are surprised by the intensity of the WCH pre-tournament games.  What did they think they were going to get when you pit two intense rivals like Russia/Czech Republic, Sweden/Finland, and Canada/USA on the same sheet of ice?  A love fest?  

10.  Team Europe looks like it could really use Nikolaj “don’t call me Nik” Ehlers’ speed.  I guess Team Europe assistant coach Paul Maurice didn’t fight hard enough for his guy.

Embed from Getty Images

11.  Why are we talking about a six-month-old having to buy a ticket for the Heritage Classic?  Who really gives a shit?  Last Wednesday, callers to “The Big Show” wasted an hour talking about it.  

12.  My sleeper pick for your Fantasy Keeper League:  Sebastian Aho

13.  Here is an interesting little nugget and awesome news for hockey fans in Edmonton and all of Alberta.  I’m jealous.

14.  If there was any doubt that Patrik Laine could play with the big boys at the WCH it was soon put to rest.  He does not look out of place against his elite competition.  The expectations are certainly going to high for this Winnipeg Jets rookie.

15.  The Winnipeg Jets “young stars” dropped their first two games in Penticton this weekend and some Jets fans are already climbing onto the ledge.  Relax people.

16.  If Team USA beats Team Canada at the WCH it will be because of Jonathon Quick and not the goof squad.  (see #6) 

17.  The Winnipeg Jets Young Stars have one game left and you can catch it later today at 5:30 local time on TSN 1290 Radio and you can watch the game online live at www.winnipegjets.com

Winnipeg Jets Young Stars Roster >>>> here

18.  Everybody knows Gary and the NHL are money grubbing weasels!  (see #11)

19.  Winnipeg Jets 2016 countdown:

First pre-season game:  9 days vs Calgary (Sept. 27)

First regular season game:  25 days vs Carolina (Oct.13)

20.  Countdown to the 2016 Tim Hortons Heritage Classic:  35 days (Oct. 23) in Winnipeg, MB.   

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  1. patti dawn swansson says

    Just curious, Mitch…why do you call media mentioning Bobby Hull’s history of domestic violence a smear campaign?
    Were there people in the media who actually organized a campaign to discredit Hull? If so, I never saw or heard about it.
    Were some members of the media questioning Hull’s induction to the Winnipeg Jets Hall of Fame? Absolutely. But voicing one’s opinion doesn’t equal a “smear campaign.” It’s just one person’s opinion, whether it be Gary Lawless, Troy Westwood or the chap from Metro.
    Had those three and others knowingly banded together in a determined effort to have Hull expelled, I would call it a “campaign.” But individually protesting his induction? Not so much.
    Furthermore, unless I missed it, neither of the town’s two daily newspapers touched the Hull controversy. There was not a peep from the Freep or Sun. They reported he was to be inducted and they reported that he would be a no-show. There was no opinion either way.
    The controversy surrounding Hull’s induction is not the creation of the media. It’s the creation of True North Sports & Entertainment, which surely knew saluting him as an original honoree would stir up a hornet’s nest, but True North moved forward with its plans regardless.
    And good for them. Linking to the glory days is wonderful. But baggage comes with it. And the media didn’t create Hull’s baggage.
    I sometimes get the impression you aren’t fond of the media, Mitch. I’m not fond of some of the things they say and do, either, and I’ll be the first in line to poke and prod them. But I won’t discredit their voice just because it doesn’t jive with mine.
    I never noticed a smear campaign. I read and heard individual voices speaking up. Nothing more, nothing less.

    • Mitch Kasprick says

      true, it wasn’t all the media … actually, most have avoided the topic BUT the loudest voices with the furthest reach have belabored the point to death … I’m sick of the holier than thou attitude … I’m not defending Hull in any way, I wasn’t a big fan of his to start with. Obviously, the Winnipeg media didn’t band together and have a secret meeting to say let’s campaign against Hull.

      • patti dawn swansson says

        I probably don’t listen to Winnipeg radio as much as you, because it’s too much noise for me. So, a lot of what Lawless or Westwood said I missed. I don’t know who’s been delivering a holier-than-thou sermon, but as long as they support their argument with facts it isn’t a smear campaign.
        Unfortunately this isn’t a discussion that’s going to go away until after the Heritage Classic.
        Then they’ll have to do it all over again when they get around to inducting Thomas Steen. Such is today’s climate with respect to domestic violence. It’s a discussion that shouldn’t go away until men stop hitting their wives or girlfriends.

        • Mitch Kasprick says

          I take issue with the comment “today’s climate” … it was NEVER acceptable by anybody I knew … this generation has access to more information and that’s good because you can’t get away with this crap now …. I bet 90% of hockey fans knew nothing about Hull off the ice. Ignorance doesn’t mean acceptance and unfortunately that’s how the older demographic is painted here in Winnipeg. Raising your hand to a woman was horrific no matter what the year.

          • patti dawn swansson says

            By saying today’s climate, I wasn’t implying that it was okay for men to whack women years ago.
            I was merely pointing out, as you also have done, that in today’s climate there is zero tolerance or appetite for domestic violence. It no longer goes unnoticed or is swept under the carpet. People talk about it.
            That’s today’s climate as opposed to the hush-hush climate of Hull’s playing days.
            I never said, nor did I imply, that it was ever acceptable. What I said, is that because of today’s climate (as opposed to the climate when Hull played), the issue of domestic violence will be raised when people like Hull or Thomas Steen are to be honored. And that’s a good thing. I prefer today’s climate.

  2. Mitch Kasprick says

    I do as well.

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