Winnipeg Jets Mid-Term Grades: Forwards

Winnipeg Jets grades for the forwards – 

The Winnipeg Jets forward group in the second quarter of the season has been very good at creating opportunities but they suffer from a lack of finish at times. The Jets don’t go to the tough areas as much as they have in the past and still play too much on the periphery.   

Also, the Jets forwards do not seem to be putting forth the same amount of effort into the defensive part of the game as they did last year and the breakdowns are frequent.

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The Winnipeg Jets production from the top two lines has been decent but they will need more from the bottom six if they are to challenge for a playoff spot.  It’s time to step it up NOW or start planning for next year.

Biggest surprise:  Blake Wheeler 

Biggest disappointment:  Andrew Ladd  

Grading:  I assign two grades; first (hockey grade) is just strictly what you see is what you get and the second (ROI) is weighed against salary or “bang for your buck”.

At the time of this “Report Card”, the Winnipeg Jets record was 19-19-3, six points off their mid-season pace from last season. 

I feel these grades fairly reflect their play … in my opinion.  

Please feel free to add your grades or opinions on any player/players you feel I have over-rated or short-changed.  Remember, this is only my opinion and mine only and it does not reflect the opinion or opinions of the other writers here at Winnipeg Hockey Talk.

Please feel free to comment below.  

mid-term fwds

Defencemen, goaltenders and special teams tomorrow.

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