Winnipeg Jets: Segment 4 Update

UPDATE: Jan. 6

The Winnipeg Jets 4th ten game segment –

How many points will it take for the Winnipeg Jets to secure a playoff berth?

2014-15: Winnipeg Jets got the last wildcard position with 99 points. (96 would have been enough)

2013-14: Dallas Stars needed 91 points to get the last wildcard position.

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Winnipeg Jets Segment 4

Segment 4 has been a microcosm of the whole Jets season.  Not horrible, not good, just kind of stuck in the middle.  The unfortunate part of this is that they play in the Central Division and it’s just not good enough. 

The status of Andrew Ladd’s and Dustin Byfuglien’s contracts are still out there blowing in the wind and to be honest, I don’t think either (especially Ladd) is making a very good case in backing up their contract demands.    

The good news:

The Winnipeg Jets seem to have finally established a home-ice advantage at the MTS Centre.  They have only played seventeen games at home (11-5-1), so their second half schedule is much more favourable.  Now, it’s just a matter of continuing to play well at home.

The Winnipeg Jets ended segment 4 with a huge win over division rival Nashville thanks to rookie phenom Connor Hellebuyck.  They were badly outplayed early on in the game but hung around and actually scored a couple of goals on the PP (hard to believe) to steal the win.  This was a win they absolutely needed as the Preds seem to be the team the Jets have the best chance of catching.

With eight home games in segment 5 and two against Nashville, I dare say this is the 10 game segment that could get the Jets back in the hunt.

The bad news:

The Winnipeg Jets still play in the NHL’s Central Division.  Their special teams are horrible and they CANNOT stay out of the penalty box.  IMO, Andrew Ladd has checked out.  There is very little hustle in his game and he takes a lot of shifts off. 

Winnipeg Jets wildcard_Jan.6


After segment 3 the Jets were four points out of a wildcard position and everybody in the division had games in hand but now everybody has caught up and in spite of a mediocre 5-5 record in their last 10 games, they are only 5 points out of the final wildcard position.  If you believe they are due for a winning streak, this would be the segment to make a move.  A mediocre 5-5 or 6-4 segment won’t cut it now.

The formula is eleven every ten

It’s simple Winnipeg Jets!  Win every 10 game segment and you’re in.

If the Winnipeg Jets can garner a minimum of eleven points in every ten game segment (on average) and win those two extra games, they should be very close to clinching a playoffs position or at least be in the hunt in the last week of the season.  The team would have 92 points.  Now 92 points might not get you the final playoff position but it should keep you relevant into the last week of the NHL season.  It’s a small conciliation prize but it’s better than being out of it in February isn’t it?

        As of January 6, 2016

4 seg 2016

14-15 seg final




  1. Todd Leroux says

    I like the “Segment Breakdown.” Now, it is 12 points in every segment. plus the final two wins. Not impossible though the original premise must be exactly correct.

    Right now, Sports Club Stats gives the Jets 24.6% of making the playoffs, but as long as I am able to watch playoff-like hockey from ‘my team’, I am happy even if they don’t make it (playoffs was only 4 games last year, but I watched an incredible run…and I appreciated watching every game – win or loss).

    “Do not go gentle into that good night….Rage, Rage against the dying of the light.”

    Good luck, Jets.

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