3 Point Win: All NHL Games Worth 3 Points?

It’s Time For The 3 Point Win In Regulation Time !!! –

I mentioned the 3 point win in a click here >>> previous Blog  (Feb.4, 2013) and I wrote about how I didn’t like the way the NHL allocates 2 points in some games and 3 points in another.  Below is an excerpt from that previous Blog and below are the current standings using both systems.  I believe with the 3 point win system that there are more teams still in the playoff hunt. 

NHL Fans Deserve A Better Point System

3 Point Win: Fans Deserve A Better Point System


It’s time the fans tell the NHL  a better point allocation system is needed.  The NHL is now the only professional league to use this point allocation system.  The NHL will say they do it this way to keep the standings tight and to make the playoff races more exciting, but in reality, the 3-point win system might allow for much more movement in the standings and actually keep teams in playoff hunt longer.  As it stands right now teams can only hope to get 2 points in a game.  With the 3-point scoring system teams could go on a great run trying to win as many games in regulation as possible to make a playoff push.  You may even see teams pulling their goaltender in tied games in the last few games of the season in order to try for the 3 point win rather than settle for 1 or 2.

Another reason the NHL will argue for the current point system is for historical reasons and to compare point totals with teams from the past.  Is it just me or did they throw the record books out the window the moment they added 3-point games and then after expansion the schedule expanding from 50 to 74 games, then to 78 games, then to 80 games and finally 82 games they play now. Tell me how you can historically compare team records with the fluctuating number of games played over the years.

Any league that awards 2 points in some games and 3 points in other games just makes no sense and really isn’t fair.  I am a big hockey fan and I can’t get my head around the current system.   Now that we are coming out of another lockout, maybe it’s time to shake things up a little again like they did after the last lockout.  The NHL introduced the shootout and zero tolerance for calling obstruction penalties along with removing the center ice red line for 2 line passes.  The NHL should implement the 3 point win in concert with realignment and step into a new era.  The NHL now has labor peace guaranteed for 7 to 9 years and can create a new history.

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