SURPRISE! The Winnipeg Jets Extend Their GM and Head Coach.

Kevin Cheveldayoff and Paul Maurice receive contract extensions from the Winnipeg Jets –

I figured I would let the dust settle a little after Winnipeg Jets head-honcho Mark Chipman announced multi-year contract extensions (more than one) for his GM, Kevin Cheveldayoff and Head Coach, Paul Maurice earlier this week.  I wanted to listen to the Kool-Aid drinkers sing their praises and hear all the naysayers spew their venom.  I find this almost as entertaining as watching the games.

Do I have an opinion on these extensions?  Yes.  Does it matter?  Nope.  I’ll be honest, both extensions didn’t surprise me one iota.  I was a little surprised it actually took this long to announce them. 

In the grand scheme of things, it doesn’t really matter what I think.  It doesn’t matter what the mainstream media or the blogging community think.  It doesn’t matter what the Kool-Aid drinkers or the devote haters think.  

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ALL THAT MATTERS IS WHAT MARK CHIPMAN THINKS!  He runs this team.  Is he Jerry Jones?  I don’t know.  Some think he is.

We all learned a long time ago that there was a “PROCESS” put in order and Mark Chipman’s employees were going to follow it.  It doesn’t matter if we all howl at the moon and voice our displeasure.  TNSE has a captive audience and a long wait list.  Piss some fans off, there are thousands waiting in line to take their place.  

I will say I actually like the makeup and the direction the Winnipeg Jets are headed.  They are doing at a glacial speed which is frustrating but like I said they have the luxury of a captive audience and can move at any speed they choose. For now.  If they start becoming a perennial playoff team and then a team that challenges for championships it won’t matter how long it took them to get there. Everyone will have forgotten …. maybe.  BUT what if they fall short, year after year just barely getting in or just missing?  Do they reboot and start a new “ten-year plan”?  OUCH!

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I will continue to watch.  I’ll cheer on my favorite players.  I’ll continue to question the special teams.  I’ll wonder why Paul Maurice used “him” in the shootout.  I’ll continue to wonder why they use that crazy man-to-man defensive coverage in their own zone.  I’ll piss and moan when they lose and I’ll be giddy like a school girl when they win.  I’ll hope they make the playoffs.  I’ll pray that they start to make some noise in the Western Conference.    


One thing I won’t do anymore is blame the coach or GM because I truly believe there is a higher power.  Ultimately the success or failure of the Winnipeg Jets will be on their owner.  The beauty of it is he rarely takes any heat.  It’s a perfect storm.  For now.

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