Jets Chevy Time Equals Time To Change

Jets Chevy Time Equals Time To Change —

It started with a tweet to this site’s owner, the Boss of all Bosses, Boss Mitch.  He’s a boss. 

I hadn’t thought much about it but as I was just starting to wind down from a tough week where I thought I had been teleported the last two days into the world of “The Walking Dead”.  Yep, they were everywhere, in the way, clawing mouth breathers. 🙂

What I like about #ChevyTime is that it can lend humour to a situation that seems to be annoying more Winnipeg Jets fans every day, every boring day, with no Winnipeg Jets news.  Did Jets GM Kevin Cheveldayoff sign a UFA?  Nope!  We signed one already!  That’s enough.  Trade a player for a player?  Ha ha ha ha

January 12, 2014-Chevy-14

Winnipeg Jets GM Kevin Cheveldayoff       photo by Shawn Coates

So, I’ll be using the hashtag #ChevyTime on Twitter periodically for a few reasons. One main reason is to stop the same people arguing their same “point” over and over with me.  Don’t take my word for it.  If you’re on Twitter try this yourself.

Tweet a fact.  Chevy has never made an NHL player for player trade.  

You’ll probably get replies like the ones I do.  Some show up with the GENIUS argument  

“Do you want him to make a bad trade just to make a trade?”   Yeah, that’s what I want.

I wasn’t speaking to the fact he runs the ONLY NHL team that hasn’t made that trade in the three years he’s been in charge of the Jets.  Oh no, I wasn’t doing that! *hoping “something” is being picked up* 🙂

Once they are faced with THAT fact, the worshipers will point to a couple of teams that are “close” as they only made one trade during this period.  I find this blindness sad but realize we are all Jets fans with our own way of doing it.  I mean they are the same ones that rush to tell me that Chevy said he was “close” to making several deals. 🙂

I’ll be happy when I meet these believers as I enjoy the Twitter convo.  I just get tired of the “non-argument” argument after awhile.  I don’t have to like what I appreciate.  lol

It comes down to this:

I don’t want Cheveldayoff fired.  I have no idea what he has in mind for the future.

I DO believe that only having a “Draft and Develop” strategy will GET him fired. It’s only a matter of time.  #ChevyTime  

The numbers just don’t work.  It doesn’t take advanced math to figure out the difference between the “Two Cores”.


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