Minnesota Wild 8 Winnipeg Jets 1 – My 30 Seconds To Read

Winnipeg Jets get thrashed in Minny –

As you may know, this was a packed Minnesota Wild lineup which any normal being should have expected.

This was a hard game to watch but I did watch it all.  I was equally unimpressed with both veterans as well as the youngsters who were the ones being thrown under the bus after the game as well as Michael Hutchison and Connor Hellebuyck by coach and GM putting them in that spot.  There’s reasons yes, but they were still thrown under the bus.

While I love Matt Perreault, his offensive zone penalty in the first period for holding the stick (obvious in front of referee) brought the Wild a PP goal.  Not a good veteran play and especially early.  I’ve been a Mark Scheifele supporter for a long time and I saw nothing from him.  I watched him and all vets lose multiple puck battles.  It was a pukey game all around.

Thomas Raffl might have bought himself a two-way contract with the Winnipeg Jets.  He has been showing something every game.  His willingness to do the dirty work, controlling puck, and some talent is his ticket.  

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I’m a little sad at Coach Maurice’s post game comments regarding the Minnesota Wild’s lineup and him being honoured to be in the same building with them, as well as other sarcasm, some probably regarding the Wild’s number one power play being sent out after being up six plus goals.

This was Minnesota’s second last pre-season game and a game Maurice has already said will contain a strong team for the Jets when they play their second last pre-season game.  It is also the second last chance Minny had to practice its special teams, so I would grab every chance if I were them.  Are they supposed to lay down for the Jets wishes to observe youngsters?

If I was Minny,  I’d laugh at the Jets coach’s response.  They had a plan and stuck to it.

So did the Winnipeg Jets.  Different plans, so suck it up if you don’t adjust.

The Winnipeg Jets just need to march on and stop the BS.

You have a plan Coach.  Stick to it and move on.


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