Reinhart’s Grandparents and Me, Winnipeg Jets Boredom?

Scott’s Thoughts on the Winnipeg Jets and Draft Day —

No matter what happens in the NHL draft this year, I doubt I will be surprised. I’m even bored with what goes on in our end of the Winnipeg Jets hockeyverse. So it’s no slap at the draftees.

I think that first group of Ekblad, Reinhart, Bennett, Draisaitl and Dal Colle could have a blanket thrown over them as far as expectations go. Most watchers can make a good case for any of these to be the “best of class” eventually. There is of course that hesitation in drafting defencemen at the top but Ekblad had that “exceptional” tag coming in to the OHL and lived up to it so probably has a decent shot at this. 

I’m intrigued with Sam Reinhart because I played against his dad (Paul) in junior (OHL). I was playing in London which is only an hour from where he played in Kitchener. We played a lot of games against each other that my parents were able to see and Paul’s as well. I remember my parents telling me how much they enjoyed talking to Paul’s parents in the stands on many occasions. They thought very highly of them both for hockey knowledge and being “really nice people.”


Paul Reinhart

Paul has sired Max, a 2010 Calgary Flames 3rd-round pick and Griffin, who was drafted 4th overall by the 2012 New York Islanders. Now here comes Sam and I can’t help but hope that he excels with whoever chooses him. He had/has awesome grandparents, according to my awesome parents. J

As far as the draft goes, there’s been lots of speculation involving our Winnipeg Jets but quite frankly I’m not getting too excited about anything I hear. We haven’t shown to be a team willing to take a chance to make a significant move and maybe it’s a gamble TNSE doesn’t want to make.

But until I see “draft and develop” actually turn into some aggressive behavior, I’ll quietly cheer for wins with expectations of .500 hockey and finishing “near the playoffs”.

The draft is a great time though. Kevin Cheveldayoff’s two days of hard work. Uncovering a few gems would certainly help but remember “gems” are unproven NHL players. So this group is likely years away from gem status for the Jets at pick #9.  Still, the day is exciting.

If something “big” happens, let me know. A Pavelec buyout counts.      


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