“The Big Man” Part 2, Anthony Peluso

It looks like Anthony Peluso is on the bubble? – 

With the season just around the corner, it’s time for the “Big Man”, Anthony Peluso to prove his worth and try to grab a spot in the Winnipeg Jets line up.

This isn’t the first time I have written about The Big Man Anthony Peluso.  If you follow me on Twitter, @WalleyeDboi, you probably know I have a bit of a soft spot for him.  Thus far, he has made the cut but just barely.  Thomas Raffl was signed but will start with the Manitoba Moose leaving Peluso as the thirteenth forward.  Just being part of the roster isn’t necessarily the best thing for Anthony Peluso at this point however.

Rumblings that Anthony Peluso was an unnecessary signing started since the day he was given a new contract.  Many feel he is a goon and serves no other purpose then to drop the mitts.  Some feel he shouldn’t have been awarded a contact.  They would have rather seen a Lee Stempniak or a Jiri Tlusty get a deal done instead.

Is Anthony Peluso worth the money he signed for?  Based on his ice time last year and given the direction the league is heading, it’s tough to say he is. Fighting is looking less and less like it has a place in today’s NHL.  We know he’s good at fighting but sometimes I can’t help but wonder who is left for him to fight?  Why would anyone want to?  He’s pretty ruthless when the gloves are off. Question was and still is, is that really all he can do?  Is he at his ceiling?

I find it hard to believe Kevin Cheveldayoff and the Winnipeg Jets would award “just a goon” a contract (though I’ve been wrong before).  I’m sure Paul Maurice and the management see something else there.  There are other guys on this team willing to drop the mitts if it had to happen.  Does loyalty play a role?  Do they just want someone expendable to do the dirty work and not worry about him getting injured?


               Does Anthony Peluso have more to offer than his fists?

What the future holds for Anthony Peluso remains to be seen.

After witnessing his dismal preseason performance, he is going to have trouble cracking the line-up on a regular basis if he continues in this fashion.  His first game was versus the Calgary Flames he got caught up trying to do too much.  A good example was him stepping in between Thomas Raffl as he was attempting to tussle with Brandon Bollig.

Is it rust or is he actually performing at that low of a level?

I still see potential there.  I have since he arrived in Winnipeg.  Given his lack of ice last year and slow start this year, I think it may serve him best to spend some time in the AHL with the Manitoba Moose and get some increased playing time to work on a few areas of his game.  I feel like he’s got some raw talent.  He can skate and he has some hands.  I think a little confidence could go a long way for Anthony Peluso.  It’s going to be tough to build that up and improve his game sitting upstairs for most of he season.

Sure it’s possible Anthony is happy being a good teammate and spending time upstairs.   I have to believe he would rather play more if given the choice.  One thing is for sure.  If Anthony Peluso can’t find a way to improve his game, he isn’t going to be playing much.  I don’t see sitting upstairs watching for half the season doing any favors for his future with this team.

Go Jets Go!


  1. Dayofthedogs says

    Despite an earlier comment, I really do like Peluso. He has some really decent hands, a big shot and he is one of the best fighters. He could use some work on his skating and i was really dissapointed with his pre season.

    Problem is we already have a Thorburn and if Petan and Copp show really well on the 4th line they might continue to use those spots for higher skill guys.

    • Derek Curtis says

      I thought Petan and Copp sure looked good last night, Peluso doesn’t have much of a shot until someone gets injured if those young kids continue to play like that. If/when it happens he is really going to have to step it up. I’m with you, I was very disapointed in his preseason too. He has his work cut out for him if he wants to play at the NHL level this year.

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