The Winnipeg Jets 2nd Segment Update

Four segments of 13 points will get the Winnipeg Jets to 95 points –

I’ve already conceded that the Winnipeg Jets will not make the playoffs but for you, optimistic fans out there that still have hope here is what needs to happen.  I call it the race to 52 points.   

Most number crunchers seem to think the Jets will need 95-97 points to snag the last Western Conference wildcard spot but it is only gone higher than 95 once so for argument’s sake let’s settle on 95 points for the second wildcard spot.

The Winnipeg Jets finished their first half of the schedule with an 18-17-7 record for a very underwhelming 43 points and 6th place in the Central Division, so basically, the Jets need 52 points in their final 40 games to reach my magic number of 95.   This would be a tall order for a very good team and I’m not sure we are that team as of right now but you asked me to play along so I will.


Second 10-game segment update:

The second segment is over and the Winnipeg Jets (6-3-1) met their 13 point minimum BUT had a golden opportunity to add 1 or 2 more points versus Boston on Friday night to cut into their 3-point deficit in Segment 1.  After a sleepy start to the game in the first two periods (down 2-0), the Jets came out hard and scored two goals in the first five minutes of the 3rd period to tie the game.  Both teams had a chance to take the lead with PP chances but with five minutes left in the third it looked like this game was headed to OT and a valuable point in the bank BUT then Brenden Dillon was called for the dreaded “puck over glass”.  Everybody watching could feel inevitable and like clockwork, the home team gave up a PP goal.  What’s that now, 5 or 6 games in a row giving up a PP goal?  What a shitty way to lose this hockey game. 

Depending on how you look at it the Jets either blew a big chance Friday night OR they caught a huge break on Saturday afternoon with the New York Islanders beating the Dallas Stars. 

The Jets have garnered 23 points in their first two segments giving them 66 points in 62 games and 23 points out of the projected 52 points needed in their final 40 games.  With 20 games remaining on their schedule the good-guys need approximately 29 points in their final 20 games and this daunting task starts Sunday in Chicago.  For the optimists out there the 3rd segment is their most favourable with 7 0f 10 games on home ice.

Another thing to factor in is the “NHL Trade Deadline” on Monday and how this Jets team will look on Tuesday night versus Vegas?  For me, the trade deadline is a non-issue.  Let Chevy do his job while interim coach Dave Lowry and the players continue to do there’s BUT it will be interesting to see the lineup the Jets dress in Chicago.  

For the believers that are still out there, I will give you something to grasp on.  Our good friends at Winnipeg Sports Talk, Andrew Patterson and Michael Remis will remind us that if the home team does somehow snag that last playoff spot they will be playing their best hockey of the season and will be the HOTTEST team in the NHL.       

I still say the Winnipeg Jets should be sellers at the trade deadline and especially with the haul the Habs, Philly, and Anaheim got for their UFAs,  There is no sense hanging on to Andrew Copp, Nate Beaulieu, or Paul Stastny if the prize at the end of the rainbow is a first-round series with the Avalanche.  I’m not sure the old poker analogy of ” all you need is a chip and a chair” is relevant here.  The Jets chip is chipped and their chair is rickety at best.  I’m not a believer in self-rentals and especially this year but that is ultimately up to Mark Chipman. 

There is a lot that goes into this conversation and Mark Chipman/Kevin Cheveldayoff will do what they perceive to be the best move for the organisation on and off the ice.  To be honest I’m okay with whatever direction they take.  It’s easy to critique from the periphery but I’m not the one that paid his players for a season with no fans in the stands and then had to deal with Covid-19 restrictions at Canada Life Center the following season.  If they want to go for 2 or 3 home dates then go for it.  I get it.  I’m a fan and I’m still hoping for a miracle too.



  1. I realize several things when it comes to the Jets and the trade deadline. Many factors come into play as in the NTC or NMC, both of which drive me nuts. Chevy tends to keep mum on any developments which makes sense, as it could have an effect on the transaction, and on current roster moral. What always drives me nuts is seeing other teams, especially in our division, make improvements despite salary cap issues. I realize draft choices, prospects and salary retention can offset the cap, but if other teams do it, why can’t we?

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