Thoughts on the Winnipeg Jets moving AHL Team

Winnipeg Jets relocating their AHL farm team in 2015-16 –

The news that True North Sports & Entertainment and the Winnipeg Jets were going to relocate their AHL franchise was no secret.  It has been openly discussed for a couple of years now.

The fact that they were moving back to Winnipeg came as a bit of a surprise. The most common banter had them moving to Thunder Bay, Ontario. This still might be an option but not possible right now as they haven’t even started construction on a new AHL size arena in the land of the “Sleeping Giant”.

I have to admit that it took me a couple of days to process the news of a second pro team in Winnipeg.  I have always thought there would be another hockey team coming to Winnipeg but I thought it be a WHL franchise.  This could still happen if TNSE is just buying time until they find a permanent home for their AHL team OR maybe Winnipeg will be the permanent solution!

So … the question is

The Manitoba Moose were a very successful AHL franchise in Winnipeg but the question being asked is “can Winnipeg support two professional hockey teams?”


Why not?  Everything about the economy in Winnipeg is different now.  There are 8000 fans on the Winnipeg Jets wait list and thousands more fans that can’t get or can’t afford NHL tickets, so these fans would now have an affordable option to the NHL.  The AHL schedule is very family friendly as they play the bulk of their games on the weekends.  


Winnipeg hockey fans are very knowledgeable and very passionate about their NHL team and will now have the option to watch their NHL team’s prospects developed right before their eyes.  

This city supported the Vancouver Canucks prospects so why wouldn’t they support the Winnipeg Jets prospects?  The Winnipeg Jets fan-base already has a connection and interest in many Jets prospects.  I believe getting a chance to see Josh Morrissey, Connor Hellebuyck, Joel Armia, Eric Comrie, Nic Petan, Scott Kosmachuck and other prospects is something Winnipeger’s will relish.

Winnipeg Jets prospects

Morrissey, Comrie and Petan will be playing in Winnipeg next season

Everything about this arrangement is a win/win situation.  The parent club will have their farm team right under their noses, easier call-ups, easier access for the brass, the AHL players will feel they are being constantly watched and evaluated.

This could be a one or two-year experiment or a long-term situation.  I guess it’s up to the hockey fans of Winnipeg.  I know I’ll be going to games.  I was like a lot of other hockey fans that had ZERO interest in watching the Vancouver Canucks farm team but we would be very interested in the Winnipeg Jets farm team.  The MTS Centre is going to be a very busy place next season.

All we need is a name

I’m betting on MANITOBA MOOSE.

Feel free to post your suggestions below in the comment section.


True North Sports & Entertainment’s relocation of their AHL team from St. John’s to Winnipeg starting in the 2015-16 season was approved by the AHL Board of Governors.  The AHL will announce new divisional alignments and the league schedule at a future date.



  1. My daughter and mother in Law will be happy. They both sell beer at the arena . They make more in tips then wages .

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