Winnipeg Jets Prospects At The 2022 U20 WHC

Winnipeg Jets prospects at WJHC –

The 2022 U20 WJHC starts on Sunday, Dec.26 in Edmonton and Red Deer, Alberta.  The Winnipeg Jets will have two of their first rounders and two of their second rounders representing four countries in this year’s event.

The Winnipeg Jets and their fans should be excited by the high-end talent they will have on display and a glimpse into what their future could look like. 


Germany vs. Finland Sunday, December 26 2pm TSN1/4
Russia vs. Sweden Sunday, December 26 4:30pm TSN4
Czechia vs. Canada Sunday, December 26 7pm TSN1/4
USA vs. Slovakia Sunday, December 26 9:30pm TSN1
Finland vs. Austria Monday, December 27 2pm TSN
Russia vs. Switzerland Monday, December 27 4:30pm TSN
Germany vs. Czechia Monday, December 27 7pm TSN
Slovakia vs. Sweden Monday, December 27 9:30pm TSN
Switzerland vs. USA Tuesday, December 28 4:30pm TSN
Canada vs. Austria Tuesday, December 28 7pm TSN
Czechia vs. Finland Wednesday, December 29 2pm TSN
Slovakia vs. Russia Wednesday, December 29 4:30pm TSN
Canada vs. Germany Wednesday, December 29 7pm TSN
Sweden vs. USA Wednesday, December 29 9:30pm TSN
Austria vs. Czechia Thursday, December 30 4:30pm TSN
Switzerland vs. Slovakia Thursday, December 30 7pm TSN
Austria vs. Germany Friday, December 31 2pm TSN
Sweden vs. Switzerland Friday, December 31 4:30pm TSN
Finland vs. Canada Friday, December 31 7pm TSN
USA vs. Russia Friday, December 31 9:30pm TSN
Quarterfinal Sunday, January 2 2:30pm TSN
Quarterfinal Sunday, January 2 5pm TSN
Quarterfinal Sunday, January 2 7:30pm TSN
Quarterfinal Sunday, January 2 10pm TSN
Semifinal Tuesday, January 4 3pm TSN
Semifinal Tuesday, January 4 7pm TSN
Bronze Medal Wednesday, January 5 4pm TSN
Gold Medal Wednesday, January 5 8pm TSN


Daniel Torgersson   #29

This will be Sweden’s Daniel Torgersson’s first time at the U20 WHC. 

Drafted:  2020     Round: 2     Overall: 40

Position:  LW     Shoots:  Left   

DOB:  Jan. 26, 2002     Birthplace:  Hono, Sweden 

Height:  6’3     Weight:  205

League:  Swe-1     Team:  AIK   

Draft analysis >>> here 


Nikita Chibrikov   #19

Nikita Chibrikov will be representing Team Russia.

Drafted:  2021     Round:  2     Overall:  50

Position:  RW     Shoots:  Left

DOB:  February 16, 2003     Birthplace:  Moscow, Russia

Height:  5’10     Weight:  170 lbs

League:  KHL     Team:  SKA St. Petersburg

Draft analysis >>> here

Chaz Lucius   #28

Chaz Lucius will represent Team USA.  

Drafted:  1st round, 18th overall, 2021 NHL Entry Draft

Position:  C/LW     Shoots:  Right

Height:  6’1″     Weight:  185 lbs

DOB:  May 2, 2003     Birthplace:  Lawrence, Kansas

League:  NCAA     Team:  University of Minnesota

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Cole Perfetti   #11

Cole Perfetti will be representing Team Canada for a second time looking to change the colour of his medal from silver to gold.

Drafted:  1st round, 10th overall, 2020 NHL Entry Draft 

Position:  C/LW    Shoots:  Left

Height:  5’11″     Weight:  177 lbs

DOB:  January 1, 2002     Birthplace:  Whitby, Ontario

League:  AHL     Team:  Manitoba Moose

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  1. Hi Mitch…we were talking a bit about national anthems being sung before games and sporting events. My son and I agreed mostly about scraping the idea except for when a team is representing its country as citizens. Any professional hockey, basketball, or football teams have a blend of many nationalities that are not citizens of the country they represent. At NHL games, both the American and Canadian anthems are sung if cross border teams are involved. While this is going on, the food concessions are still humming along. Personally, I would see them scrap this tradition for the most part…I would save it for the Juniors or an Olympic team that is comprised of nationals. Your thoughts? This could be a hornets nest of sorts since some may perceive this as a slight against patriotic tendencies…Cheers!

    • Mitch Kasprick says

      I don’t think it’s unpatriotic at all … I don’t think the anthem is neccesary nowadays especially with teams have 5-6 nationalities on their teams … I realize the athems are based on where the teams are from but who cares about the visitors. If an anthem is neccesay then it would make more sense to play the home team’s country’s anthen … no need for two but I would prefer anthems are reserved for major international events. The most unpatriotic thing about anthems is how some singers bastardize them, thinking they’re auditioning for a talent show … now that really pisses me off.

      • I would compromise on the home teams anthem and international events as well. Also, the singers that try to personalize the anthem aren’t doing anyone any favors. It drives me nuts when they try to yodel their way through the anthem dragging it out ad nauseum.

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