Winnipeg Jets Fans Are Tough But Dedicated

Winnipeg Jets Fans

One of the things I love about having NHL hockey and the Winnipeg Jets back in our city is the fans. Winnipegers, young and old, have a connection with their sports teams whether it be the Jets, Goldeyes or Blue Bombers Winnipegers love their sports
teams and if you don’t believe me all you have to do is listen to the various sports related call-in shows or spend an evening on Twitter.  Everybody has an opinion, thought or a solution for whatever ails our teams.
Fans in Winnipeg really care about their sports teams.  One thing I find interesting is that our teams are much like our children.  You love them but that doesn’t mean you can’t give them a verbal spanking once in awhile. 

Winnipeg Jets FansBecause It’s The Cup

Winnipeg Jets hockey fans are watching the NHL playoffs again without representation from the local team but that doesn’t seem to matter.  We watch because we care about hockey and have other interests like our Fantasy Playoff Pools!  All kidding aside, the Stanley Cup playoffs are a big thing for hockey fans whether your team is there or not.  It’s funny how you can latch onto a team after a couple of weeks.  I’ve been lucky because I’ve had the Phoenix Coyotes the last couple of years but this year I was 0 for 2.  I still haven’t latched on to a team yet but I must admit I’m kind of leaning a little towards the west-coast and the San Jose Sharks.

Winnipeg Jets Fans Watching The Barrie Colts

Most Winnipeg Jets fans have been watching with great interest the journey of Mark Scheifele and his Barrie Colts.  The Colts are an easy team to like with them being lead by their head coach and Winnipeg Jets 1.0 Hall of Famer Dale Hawerchuk.  Factor in this cities interest in Jets 2011 first round draft pick Mark Scheifele and it has taken a little bit of the sting from the Jets missing the playoffs.


The Scout In All Of Us

Winnipeg Jet fans, myself included, are now spending  part of our time concentrating on the NHL Entry Draft in New Jersey on June 30.  I was watching a draft preview show and commented on twitter that it looks like Max Domi of the London Knights might be the player that is available with the Jets pick at number thirteen.

The Discussion Has Started

If you want opinions just throw out a random tweet like this …





Now after reading that tweet, I thought I saw him way down the list but was pleasantly surprised that Anthony Mantha’s play had elevated him in the late season projections. A very nice pick-up by JETS Guy ‏@pitbulllvr.  I’d love to see a 6’4 fifty goal scorer in a Winnipeg Jet uniform in a couple years. The Jets may or may not be interested in Mantha but that’s not the point. Fans in this city that are interested in their team and take the time to look into what they believe are their teams best options. You have to love that kind of dedication. That is one of many insights Jets fans are pumping out on a nightly basis and it will only increase as the upcoming draft approaches at the end of June.

Just for the record, because I know your wondering, Anthony Mantha is not the son of former Winnipeg Jets 1.0 defenceman Moe Mantha Jr. but he does have hockey bloodlines. He is the grandson of former Montreal Canadien Andre Pronovost.

Mid-May And The Fun Is Just Beginning

It’s only mid-May but the fun is just getting started.  We are still in the first round of the NHL playoffs.  Winnipeg Jets fans were  hoping Mark Scheifele and his Barrie Colts could win the OHL title and join Jets 2012 second round pick Lukas Sutter and his Saskatoon Blades in the Master Card Memorial Cup.  We are also keeping our eye on the WHC in Finland and Sweden because we have Jets Captain Andrew Ladd representing Team Canada. We also have last years 7th overall draft pick Jacob Trouba representing Team USA.

The entry draft and the July 5th “Free Agent Frenzy” will keep us busy well into the summer so we have lots to be excited about. Can you imagine what it would be like if the home team was in the chase for the cup? Where would we find the time?


  1. I hope Scheifele’s collarbone is healed by training camp.

  2. Scott J. Tolbert says

    good article, I agree. Jet fans are demanding but they do love their team and they know their hockey.

  3. Congrats on the new site. It looks great and I love that you are expanding your content. Good Luck.

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