Random Thoughts On The Winnipeg Jets: Feb. 1

Things about the Winnipeg Jets and the NHL that crossed my mind —

Some random facts and a few thoughts from this past week about the Winnipeg Jets, the Manitoba Moose, and the National Hockey League.

Remember boys and girls … it’s a process!   😥 

1.  The Winnipeg Jets ended up 1-0-0 on the week and are 22-24-3 overall at the NHL All-Star break. 

2.  According to Sports Club Stats:  After the Jets win versus the Coyotes the Jets odds of playing in the postseason were at 6.9% and dropped to 5.8% at the end of league play going into the All-Star break.

3.  Spoiler Alert:  Just so you know, the mood for most of this week’s thoughts are about not liking Gary Bettman (nothing new there) and being extremely disappointed in Kevin Cheveldayoff and Craig Heisinger’s work so far this season.  Of course, this is based on what we know, which is nothing because they keep themselves cooped up in the ivory tower under the cone of silence.     

4.  Should we (Jets fans) be concerned that the Manitoba Moose just finished a road trip with ZERO wins and EIGHT losses?  I’ll give you the answer … it’s YES!  

5.  The hardest shot in the skills competition is unrealistic because that shot never happens in a game.  A player skating as fast as he can at a stationary puck 30 feet away just doesn’t happen.  It’s fun to watch but not realistic. 

6.  Jets prospect Kyle Connor is really turning heads in the NCAA and has many speculating he could be a one and done like Jacob Trouba.  He is leading the NCAA in scoring with 20 goals, 22 assists for 42 points in 23 games.       

7.  At the start of this season, a lot of pundits out there were concerned about the lack of AHL veterans on the Moose roster and it sure looks like they were right.  I thought Zinger and TNSE knew what they were doing when it came to the AHL.  This is downright embarrassing and unacceptable.      

8.  So, John Scott pens a thought-provoking article in the “Players Tribune” and a bunch of two-faced journalists, fans, and even haters went all goo-goo for him. John Scott is a bright guy that was put in an awful situation that shouldn’t have happened BUT he should have just said that it wasn’t right and gracefully bowed out.  How does a guy that played in 11 NHL games with 1 assist, that’s not even in the league qualify to play … fan vote or not?  The worst part of this whole story is the guy that let this happen gets a 7-year contract extension.   After fans and the league tried to embarrass John Scott, he had the last laugh and it looks good on him.    

9.  Only in Gary Bettman’s NHL can you be suspended for a regular season game for not participating in his useless All-Star weekend … I guess he’s got his priorities straight?        

10.  Is it possible the play of Kyle Connor the past couple of months has slowed down Andrew Ladd contract talks?  (see #6)       

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11.  Hey Chevy … how do you think your prospects are developing in that winning, nurturing environment you and Zinger have created for them with the Moose?  I know there’s no correlation between AHL and NHL success but losing every night can’t be healthy can it?  On the upside, Eric Comrie is seeing lots of rubber!  Sorry, I take it all back.   

12.  I find it hard to believe that Mark Chipman can be happy with what’s going on with both of his teams.  How long before he loses patience?  Does he question himself in not hiring qualified NHL personnel in 2011?  Does he regret giving Chevy that two-year extension?  Is Mark Chipman part of the solution or is he part of the problem?  Or is it a process?  

13.  Congrats to NIKOLAJ Ehlers on his first NHL hat-trick.  I believe that Ehlers will be the Jets player that costs Safeway one million dollars some day in the future 

14.  I posted this thought last week on twitter and received varying opinions but for those of you that don’t follow me on twitter or don’t use twitter, I will pose my question here.  

Should the Jets trade Andrew Ladd, re-sign Dustin Byfuglien, trade Tyler Myers to the Edmonton Oiler for Jordan Eberle?  This is not a multiple choice question, it is YES to all of the above or NO.  You can’t pick and choose the parts you like.  

15.  Twitter was a buzz this past weekend because Andrew Ladd bought a Corvette at the Barrett-Jackson auction in Scottsdale, AZ.  GEE, I guess this must mean …… what?  Maybe Coyotes captain Shane Doan and goaltender Mike Smith that were also at the auction were schmoozing Andrew Ladd and extolling the virtues of life in the desert!             

16.  Things that make you go hmmm?:  Does draft and develop mean signing a bunch of young kids, turning them pro, and then throwing them to the wolves every night (no pun intended).     

17.  Winnipeg Jets Special teams update: 

PK:  27th at 77.2% marginally up from 27th at 76.6% last week

PP:  28th at 15.9% marginally up from 28th at 15.6% last week

18.  Countdown to the 2016 NHL Trade Deadline:  29 days (Feb. 29) 

19.  Countdown to the 2016 World Cup:  230 days (Sept. 17-Oct. 1 in Toronto) How many Winnipeg Jets do you think will be playing in this event?  Wheeler? Ehlers?  Scheifele?  Hellebuyck?  

20.  I guess “it’s a process” means sit back, watch, and do nothing.  Ya, I’m pissed and more so for the kids on the Moose.  DO SOMETHING ZINGER !!!!!             

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Thanks, Mitch 

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  1. #20 Amen! i for one will not be buying a Moose mini pac for next year. While the price is great the 3 hrs driving time for me to go and return for a game to watch these kids get hammered is not worth it. No vet support for the kids is downright criminal. Upside, Comrie is going to be one hell of a goalie sooner than later.

    • Mitch Kasprick says

      I can’t believe TNSE let this happen and I’m really starting to wonder about these guys.

  2. chrishutton34 says

    #7 it was a bad idea and downright disrespectful to a guy like Jaffray who played his heart out for the Icecaps/Moose
    #14 YES

  3. #10. Could be but I think it might be the quality of Ladd’s play is the main reason.

    #12. The buck stops one notch above Chipman.

    #14. YES

    #15. Hope so.

    • Mitch Kasprick says

      As a STH for the Coyotes I actually wouldn’t mind Andrew Ladd on the Yotes …. at the right $$$ and term of course.

      I think the Oilers and Jets could be good trading partners …. stay tuned.

  4. Claude Saindon says

    #10. Is it wise to spend $6M for your 3rd best LW? That’s where I rank Ladd based on his play this year.
    As for Connor I’ll take a wait & see approach. I’ve only seen one game this year and there were things that bothered me. While he is a great skater and puck handler I thought he played on the periphery a lot.

    #11. The Moose are what they are…a development team. If your plan is “draft and develop” you need to give the kids plenty of ice. Armia & Hellebuyck came out of it OK

    • Mitch Kasprick says

      I agree to a point Claude but there was a reason the Montreal Canadiens of the past won and it was because their farm teams in the AHL developed a championship mentality that carried over into the NHL and although there is no correlation between the two I’d prefer my young players contributing to wins rather than becoming a group of “pay-check players” like the Thrashers developed.

  5. Todd Leroux says

    2. Jets are done.

    3. I do think the team lacked focus this year because Chevy decided to wait re: Buff and Ladd. But, with the GM, I guess fans will have to wait till near trade deadline for this year’s final assessment and 2 more years for final judgment. I think the coaching staff should receive a less than stellar assessment though.

    8 and 9 are father and son. The ASG etc., is not taken seriously by the players. In fact, (9) if you don’t go, then you get slapped. It’s a joke/pain in the ass to the players when they really would rather do other things like lie on the beach or heal. What’s more, the fans obviously think the ASG, etc. is a joke because nobody watches it (hence 3 on 3 now) and they voted for JS. So, if the fans and the players don’t take the ASG, etc. seriously/want to go or watch, and if the fans do the voting and vote in JS, they are telling Bettman what the state of the ASG is. So, JS going was a good thing: he really wanted to go, it was campy for the fans and was generally a nice story. But, JS going and players like him, should be a one-off if Bettman and crew can get their act together. 3 on 3 is an excellent start. Finally, does anyone remember 3 on 3 in the 80’s or 90’s? I do…sort of.

    14. No.

    • Mitch Kasprick says

      I must admit the 3 on 3 format for the ASG was the most competitive I’ve seen the players in years but for me, it’s not real hockey … just another gimmick

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