Random Thoughts On The Winnipeg Jets: Nov. 7

Things about the Winnipeg Jets and the NHL that crossed my mind —

Some random facts and a few thoughts from this past week about the Winnipeg Jets, the Manitoba Moose, and the National Hockey League.


Jacob Trouba signs a two-year bridge deal with the Winnipeg Jets.  The first year is worth $2,500,000 and the second year is worth $3,500,000.  


A smart move by both parties involved.  It’s a huge win for the Jets as he will still be under team control for two more at the end of this contract.  This deal makes Trouba an even more valuable trade commodity and much easier for the Jets to move while getting an excellent return.

I don’t look at this deal as a “kiss and make up” scenario either.  The Winnipeg Jets obviously hope that Jacob Trouba would change his mind and want to sign long-term with the team but I think this is just wishful thinking.  He’s gone.  

I have a funny feeling that Kevin Cheveldayoff told Trouba’s camp he would NOT trade him if he was still unsigned.  If he was to get maximum return in a trade for Jacob Trouba, he needed to be signed and under contract.  This is just conjecture on my part.

Now the real fun is about to start.


1.  The Winnipeg Jets played some exciting hockey this week but only managed a 1-2-1 record and are now 5-7-1 overall.

2.  I would never have thought that after I criticized the Brandon Tanev signing last March that by October he would be one on my favourite Jets players.  He gets it and I love his game.

3.  Note to Gary:  Your high-sticking the puck rule isn’t working.  If you’re a small player its okay to deflect the puck with your stick above your shoulders as long as it’s below the crossbar (eg Henrik Zetterberg’s goal vs the Jets on Friday night).  BUT if you’re a tall player, chances are if your stick is below the shoulders there is a good chance it will be above the crossbar so if you deflect the puck into the net there is a good chance it will be disallowed.  My question is Gary; How can you have different rules for different players based on size?  FAIL AGAIN!    

4.  Is it just me or do other Jets fans really like beating the Detroit Red Wings?  I might have a dislike for them based on my first-hand dealings with them in Arizona but man I enjoyed the Jets win on Friday at the JOE.   

5.  In Blake Wheeler’s first two-three seasons, he was the king of the “fly-by” but after he got the “A” on his jersey he found his compete level and became a complete player.  I joyfully put the “fly-by” counter in the attic BUT then Kyle College came along and I think he might actually break Wheeler’s record for “fly-bys”.  The kid can skate, shoot, and handle the puck but he has ZERO grind in his game and is very easy to play against. He rarely finishes a check or navigates his way into the corners.  That’s the problem with fast-tracking college players that play on the “big-ice” and aren’t ready for the grind of the NHL game.   

6.  Josh Morrissey has exceeded my expectations so far this season.  He looks very poised.  Although I saw him play a lot in the WHL and I was aware he had an edge to his game, I’m sure he has surprised a lot of Winnipeg Jets fans with his physical play. 

7.  I have never seen a fan-base place such high and unreal expectations on young players like the Winnipeg Jets fan-base.  In September, there was actually a guy giving me crap for thinking Jack Roslovic should start his pro career in the AHL.  He was telling me Jackie-boy would get 50 points this year in the NHL playing on the Jets third line.  To be honest, my expectations for Helle were a little higher based on his early play last season although he slipped a bit in the second half.   I was hoping Patrik Laine would be what he seems to be BUT I wasn’t expecting him to be this good AND I had gone on record as saying this year was all about Nik Ehlers taking the next step and so far so good.  There are lots to like on this team.  

8.  Sometimes hockey isn’t a fair game.  The Jets home and home series with the Washington Capitals is a perfect example.  They went toe to toe with one of the top teams in the NHL last week and only had ONE measly point to show for it.  I think most Winnipeg Jets fans would agree that they played well enough to get more than one point.           

9.  A lot fans in Winnipeg are starting to blame Jets goalie coach Wade Flaherty for Helle and Hutch’s slow start.    

10.  Three of the four WHA teams absorbed into the NHL in 1979 have won the Stanley Cup.  Can you name them? 

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11.  The Manitoba Moose continued their solid play with two more wins this week and have run their record to an impressive 6-3-1.        

12.  Patrik Laine leads all NHL rookies in goals and is tied for the overall lead in goals with EIGHT!       

13.    Please make all NHL games worth 3-points.  I’m about to go on my annual rant about how stupid it is that some games are awarded 2 points and some games 3 points.  Last season there were 275 games out of 1230 that were awarded 3 points.        

14.  I wonder if Jets fans now understand why Jimmy Vesey won the Hobey Baker award last year?  Kyle Connor had a great year in a weak conference while Vesey had a very good year in a tough conference.  It’s actually showing at the NHL level as well but I will concede that Jimmy Vesey has a stronger supporting staff and he is almost FOUR years older than Connor.      

15.  I think that after thirteen games the jury is still out on Kyle Connor.   I had ZERO expectations for him; I thought he was AHL bound but with all the injuries he would have probably been called up.  I still think he is a long way from being an NHLer.  (see #2)   

16.  I wrote earlier on or maybe mentioned it on one of our podcasts that if Jack Roslovic scored 40 points in the AHL this season it would be a successful rookie season.  Right now, he is well on his way with 10 points in 10 games.  In my opinion, he is getting more out of his rookie season than Kyle Connor.  It would have been nice to see the two of them play together with the Moose and then get called up to the big club together.       

17.  Fans blamed Perry Pearn and Pascal Vincent over the years for the Jets ailing powerplay but they are both gone and the PP still sucks.  Fans need to blame someone.  I’m a Dustin Byfuglien fan but he seems to be the only constant on the PP since they arrived from Atlanta.  Just saying.    

18.  I have faith in both Helle and Hutch but they are starting to grind on my last nerve with this going to their knees too early and too often on EVERY shot.  Sometime all you have to do is stand up and challenge the shooter and especially on shots from the wings.  Why would you drop to your knees and make yourself smaller?  These goals to the short side and high have got to STOP!

19.  I wonder when Quinton Howden is going to get his chance with the Jets?  He is off to a nice start with seven goals in his first nine games.     

20.  Special Teams:

PP:  26th at 10.4% …. down from 25th at 12.5% last week ……… brutal

PK:  16th at 81.8% …. up from 19th at 78.8% last week ……… getting better

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  1. I was listening to my NHL Sirius station tonight and there was a lot of negative talk about Andrew Ladd. It’s early in the season but it looks like signing AL to a long term contract might have been the best move that Chevy didn’t make. I have to say that I really do like the make-up of the team and if Trouba turns out to be a short term decision with a trade at the end, I feel confident that Chevy will come up with a good alternative.

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